Getting This Party Started: How To Pack Your Wedding Dance Floor

Let's Get This Party Started! Packing The Dance Floor At Your Wedding
Brides and grooms have a lot of things on their plate on the day of the wedding.

So, figuring out how to get guests onto the dance floor might not seem significant.

However, there is no bigger buzz kill at a reception than an empty dance floor.

Quite simply, you need and want the people who have experienced your big day to get down and boogie to create an atmosphere.

Otherwise, your special day might turn into a damp squib.

The question is how do you start a fire and keep it burning all night?

The answer is simple: you give the guests a little push.

They want to cut some shapes, but they need encouragement first.

With that in mind, here’s how to fill the dance floor at your wedding reception.

Trust The DJ

After the band finishes their encore, you need someone to take care of the tunes for the rest of the night.

Queue the DJ, whose job it is to pick the best wedding bangers and see the party through to the early hours.

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One big mistake people make when they hire a disk jockey is to turn him or her into a glorified Spotify playlist.

It is tempting to provide them with a variety of songs, but it negates the point of a DJ in the first place.

Sure, don’t be afraid to ask for requests and to get your friends and family to do the same.

After all, it’s your party and almost every disk jockey will comply.

But, you also need to let them do their job and trust their skills as a party starter.

With years of experience at weddings, they will know the songs which guests can’t resist.

Pay For A Drink

Nothing gets people looser than a cocktail or two.

Simply put, the drunker the guests are, the better chance there is of them hitting the dance floor.

So, why not pay for a drink for everyone to encourage them to throw a few shapes?

When the alcohol hits their system, the idea of dancing won’t be too scary.

If anything, it will be exciting, which will cause the entire party to flock to the small, rectangular piece of wood near the DJ booth.

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Also, paying for a round for your guests is a nice way to say thank you for turning up and enjoying your special day.

It kills two birds with one stone, but the most important one is the dancing.

Let's Get This Party Started! Packing The Dance Floor At Your Wedding

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Make Dancing The Focal Point

At a wedding reception, a lot is going on as people dance, drink, eat, and socialize.

Therefore, it is not uncommon to see people shun the dance floor while they enjoy other aspects of the wedding.

Although this is a good sign, it also takes away from the night reception.

To ensure that everyone has a boogie or two, you can make the night party all about dancing.

For example, dim the lights to create more of a party mood.

Then, ask the DJ to play his/hers best tracks to get the blood pumping through the feet.

Also, don’t forget to add a touch of novelty with a disco ball and disco lighting.

People will dance just because this combination is something they have never seen before at a wedding.

Finally, put the dance floor in the middle of the room.

Then, everyone has to walk past it and can’t stand out of the way.

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Focus On The Ladies

Last but not least, use evolution to your advantage.

Let’s face it; guys dance because girls dance.

If there are lots of women having a good time on the dancefloor, the men are bound to follow suit.

Some will have rhythm and others will look like Big Bird from Sesame Street.

Regardless, at least the dance floor will be full to the brim with people enjoying the night.

So, the aim is to get as many ladies onto the floor as possible and let the guys take note.

Even better, carefully pick some of your single friends to get the party started.

They can take a night off from the free dating sites UK has to offer, and mingle.

A great way to do this is to the bride to grab them by the hand and escort them to the floor.

No one can say no on her wedding day!

Or, you can provide comfortable footwear so that dancing doesn’t ruin their feet.

High heels and boogieing don’t go hand in hand, which is where sandals and flip-flops come in handy.

No one wants their wedding to resemble a high school teen dance.

Quite simply, to avoid this scenario, the DJ and the amount of alcohol have a big role to play!

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