What should you do if your wedding entertainment is cancelled?

What should you do if your wedding entertainment cancels

After the formalities and ceremonies of your wedding are done, your reception is a much anticipated time to relax, dance and celebrate your big day with all of your favourite people. Whether you’ve opted for a DJ, live band or some other form of entertainment, you and your guests are bound to be excited about their performance. 

But what if your wedding entertainment is cancelled? Unfortunately, unforeseen circumstances can sometimes leave you short of performers at the last minute. In this case, there are a few ways to safeguard your evening and ensure you still have a party to remember. Here we outline the steps you should take to protect your wedding and finances, in the case of your entertainment cancelling.

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Speak to them about your options

Whether you’ve hired entertainment directly or through a booking agency, there should be a contingency plan in place. Reputable providers are often able to offer you a substitute band or provide another form of entertainment as a replacement if yours becomes unavailable at the last minute. At the very least, a full refund should be arranged. For peace of mind, be sure to have these written in a formal contract at the point of booking your performers. 

Always check that your entertainment provider offers Public Liability Insurance and ask what reassurances are in place should your chosen performers become unavailable. Booking through a professional and reputable booking service is the best way to protect yourself against this eventuality. 

Explore alternative options

Explore alternative options

If your original entertainers can’t help you, you may find that booking a replacement is your responsibility. Search multiple booking platforms to find a suitable band or entertainer for your reception, and keep open-minded. You may need to adjust your expectations slightly to find someone last minute. Whilst this can be stressful, try to keep positive – there are plenty of options to explore and you may end up with a more enjoyable evening as a result.

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It’s well worth looking for more unique entertainment providers, rather than limiting yourself to the traditional options. Performers such as magicians, ventriloquists, acrobats or comedians can provide an unconventional and memorable experience for your evening reception. It’s also worth asking around to see if any of your guests know any artists or musicians who may be available to help out in a pinch.

Do it yourself

If you can’t source any alternative entertainment, you can always rely on technology to save the day. Speak to your venue about borrowing a speaker, and hook up your phone to play your favourite tracks and playlists throughout the evening. You could invite your guests to request songs, and you may even find a guest who is happy to play DJ for the night. You can source disco lights yourself, or your venue may be able to provide something to get the atmosphere started. 

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Plan ahead and stay calm

Plan ahead and stay calm

With so many elements to plan and prepare for your special day, it’s easy to rush signing deals or contracts when it comes to entertainment. But by booking your performers through a professional agency, with contingency plans in place, you’ll save yourself a whole lot of stress if your entertainment suddenly pulls out. If the worst-case scenario happens, try to stay calm and make the most of your evening regardless – after all, with friends and family surrounding you, you’re sure to have a great time even without your original entertainment plans

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