Winter Wedding Planning: 25 Tips You Need Right Now

Choosing the Perfect Venue: Indoor & Outdoor Options

You might think a winter wedding is a bad idea, the weather is cold, and the festive season is in full swing.

The reality is a winter wedding is one of the best ways to get married and one of the cheapest. And I knowI got married in winter!

Think about it.

There is far less demand for venues and catering is potentially cheaper. And with some luck, you’ll get snow which will make your photographs look even more picture-perfect.

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Let The Idea Of A Winter Wedding Grow On You

Let the idea grow on you, like a large icicle in the eaves. 

A winter wedding can take place at any time during the winter months; it doesn’t have to be during the busy Christmas season, although that can work well too.

If you’re like most people, you’ll have friends living in different parts of the world. But in the winter there’s more chance of them being at home and therefore available.

Combining your winter nuptials with the festive season also adds a dimension of magic to the occasion that’s absent at other times of the year.

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My winter wedding was looks like a summer wedding due to the beautiful clear blue sky, and sunlight beaming down on us.

It was very very cold on the UK coast at the end of November, but it was a magical day!

Plan As Far In Advance As Possible

If you want to go ahead with a winter wedding, it’s a good idea to get planning well in advance.

What you don’t want is an accumulation of things to do towards the end of the year with Christmas on the horizon.

Start planning your wedding at least a year in advance so that day goes smoothly and without stress.

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If you need some expert tips to get you started, check out the infographic below; it has some valuable advice and pointers on all aspects of winter wedding planning.  

Here Are 25 Winter Wedding Tips You Need To Know

Here Are 25 Winter Wedding Tips You Need To Know
Infographic Design By wedding rings.

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