Will You Be My Flower Girl? Sweet Ways to Pop The Question

How to ask will you be my flower girl?

For many little girls, being a flower girl is a special role. Whether she is your little sister, niece or family friend, asking her to take this role is a big deal. In this piece, we have shared five amazingly sweet ways to ask, “Will you be my flower girl” and probably get a yes.

First Thing’s First…Get Her Parent’s Permission

First Thing's First...Get Her Parent's Permission

It is advisable to get their parent’s permission first.

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Make sure that they are okay with the idea.

If they give you an okay, make sure that they are still around when you ask her to take the role.

She will feel comfortable when her parents are around because their presence indicates that she has permission.

Use A Ring Pop To Ask “Will You Be My Flower Girl?”

Use A Ring Pop To Ask "Will You Be My Flower Girl?"

You remember the candy rings you cherished when you were little?

They are still available and make the best proposal pieces.

It is a great idea to make a reveal to the girls by having the ring packed in a small box like this.

Very affordable too!

Pop The Question With A Personalised Card

Will you be my flower girl card
Pop The Question With A Personalised Card

You can make your flower girl proposal sweeter by placing a card in a small box filled with flowers and sweets that says,

‘I can’t say I do without you. Will you be my flower girl?’

We designed these cards in Canva using the fab unicorn clipart and chakra symbols from Design Bundles.

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Present Her With A Flower Crown

Will you be my flower girl - flower crown

Your cute little attendant will most probably be in charge of petals during the big day.

Make sure that you get something that matches her role.

It needs to be beautifully and creatively designed to make her feel special during the wedding.

Try to design a flower crown that perfectly matches the wedding theme.

If you use a flower to ask her to be part of your event, she will excitedly accept the request.

Take your time and come up with something she will certainly love and appreciate.

Ask Will You Be My Flower Girl With A Beautifully Sweet Book

Ask Will You Be My Flower Girl With A Beautifully Sweet Book

For little girls, you can present them with a book such as Camellia The Fabulous Flower Girl by Lynelle Woolley.

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This book will help them understand their role in the event.

The books also contain some guidelines for parents.

The other alternative is to order the girls a small personalised colouring book.

This way, you can easily add your names, the wedding date, and additional personal touches.

Sweet Ways To Ask “Will You Be My Flower Girl?”

Sweet Ways To Ask "Will You Be My Flower Girl?"

If you use the tips shared above, the girls will be glad you picked them.

To increase the chances of getting a ‘Yes,’ talk to their parents in prior and ensure that they are present while you propose the idea.

This will give them an easy time making up their mind because they will understand that their parents are already for the idea.

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Sweet Ways To Ask "Will You Be My Flower Girl?"

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