Where to get married in Italy

Italy really is heaven on Earth – from the food and wine to the historic sites and natural beauty. If you’re looking to throw a destination wedding, then look no further. It’s a good distance from the UK, and whether you’re dreaming of a wintery wonderland in the alps, an elegant vineyard in the countryside, a chic ceremony on an idyllic lake or the sexy glamour of the seaside riviera – Italy’s got it all.

Often people think that destination weddings are much more expensive, but actually, by picking a venue strategically, you can actually save a lot of money. From flowers and decorations to accommodation, music, drinks and catering – many wedding venues offer great all-inclusive packages, so you’ll be covering a whole flock of birds with one stone and only need to worry about the travel arrangements. 

With so many gorgeous locations, it can be tough to pin down the ideal wedding location, so it’s a good idea to start off by deciding what kind of theme or atmosphere you want for your big day. Rustic? Sweet and simple? Grandiose? Once you’ve got that image in mind, you can use handy tools like eBooking to find your perfect spot. To help you, check out some of these amazing venues, for a bit of inspiration! 

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Lake Como

This one should come as no surprise. One of Italy’s most popular destinations, Lake Como is the definition of natural beauty and refined elegance. There’s a reason the Clooneys have settled there. Venues like Villa Il Balbiano or Villa Pliniana not only cover everything from live music to accommodation, but on Lake Como – it’s all about the view. You couldn’t ask for a more idyllic, romantic setting.

At the Seaside

The Amalfi Coast, Sorrento and Positano offer some of the most gorgeous seaside resorts in all of Italy. You could get married right at the water’s edge or on a stunning cliffside at beach club Positano, with the waves breaking underneath you as you say your vows. Being so far south, you could even save a few pennies by going during the offseason, as the weather will still be lovely, but without it being peak tourist season but because these are such popular destinations, you and your guests will have no shortage of amenities within easy reach. Check out Villa Oliviero, Villa Astor or Villa Treville for your fairytale I do’s. 

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The Islands

Some of Italy’s best wedding locations are not actually on the mainland. You could combine your wedding and honeymoon and throw your big day on one of Italy’s stunning little floating neighbours, including Sicily, Sardinia and Capri. While Sardinia is more of a luxury resort and could be a bit pricier, it has some of the best beaches and restaurants on offer. Sicily has both fancy and more low key options, without losing any of the stunning views – and some of the most incredible (and cheapest!) local food and wine. Capri gives you the opportunity to enjoy some of Italy’s historical sites as well since it’s a stone’s throw from Pompeii and Herculaneum. 

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The Romantic Cities

While the capital remains one of the most incredible cities in the world, if you’re not having a Catholic wedding, it might feel a bit weird being that close to the Vatican, plus the city is super busy all year round. Why not consider some of the more intimate and romantic gems like Venice, Florence or Siena. Even the simplest of venues would suffice when you’re surrounded by so much beautiful architecture, art, history and of course – views. 

Mountains and Snow

If a high altitude getaway is more your style, then check out resorts like Dolomites or Cervinia, which offer choices from fancy Schlosses, like Freudenstein, to rustic chalets. Even in their off-seasons, the mountains offer a spectacular setting for the ceremony, with no shortage of exquisite cuisine. If you’re a particular foodie, northern Italy is home to some incredible Michelin star restaurants, including Vecchio Ristoro, Atelier and Locanda di Orta.

Whichever destination speaks to you as a couple, you can be sure that the locals know how to throw an amazing, beautiful and delicious party. So pack your tux and train – viva Italia!

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