Where to Cut Back and Save Big on Your Wedding

Where to Cut Back and Save Big on Your Wedding

Congratulations on your engagement and upcoming wedding celebration! Budgeting to cut back on your big day does not have to be a daunting process. This article has many simple tips that will help you save big while smoothly moving forward with your vision of the perfect wedding day.

According to a Business Insider couples’ survey, the cost of a wedding in 2021 averaged $22,500, up from lower pandemic spending in 2020. There is no need to stress out over this figure. Wedding budgets to help you save big are not difficult to break down when you’re armed with reliable and comprehensive information.

Plan Your Wedding In These Months To Save Big

Thinking outside of the box can result in great savings when you opt for a cost-saving date and time. Plan an off-season wedding during the winter months from November through March. Be a trendsetter and choose a Sunday or Friday instead of the more expensive, yet traditional, Saturday.

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Affordable Non-Traditional Wedding Venues

If there is an eye-popping minimum price tag for your dream venue – you should expand your horizons and discover a non-traditional venue that will awe your guests and help you save big. Many locations are hiding a treasured venue nearby you.

  • Historic Library or Courthouse
  • City Park Outbuilding or Community Church with kitchen and service facilities
  • Restaurant with scenic view from a heated, outside seating option
  • Rustic and natural outdoors – backyard, wide-open field, scenic park, beach, a nature conservatory

These potential venues don’t require expensive décor since the setting is the attraction for your guests.

More Cost-Cutting Tips to Save Big on Your Wedding

Buying a wedding dress at a discount will save you money on stylish and trending apparel. You can expect savings of 40 to 90 percent off the market price of high-end wedding attire.

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Also, buying a secondhand dress or a gently used sample in-store or online can save you up to 50 percent. Check out local classified ads and consignment shops. Other cost-efficient resources to help you save money include shopping prom stores – or even – rent a dress!

Buy only seasonal florals to cut costs. Winter flowers, greenery, and plants are abundant and will awe your guests within budget.

Limit Plus-One Guests to only couples with whom you socialise regularly. This tactic not only eliminates awkward introductions and forced small talk with a new face, but it is a solid food and drinks cost-cutter.

Eliminate favours entirely (or find cheap favours,) and monogrammed cocktail napkins to cut costs. Place a personalised note on each guests’ table setting and send them off with a cherished memory.

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A savvy budget plan to cut back on wedding costs must anticipate hidden fees and expenses.

  • Venue tax/insurance
  • Liquor license
  • Permit fees to play music
  • Corkage fees and service staff tips
  • Wedding license fee
  • Officiant fees – including tax, mileage, rehearsal cost

Deliver a True Expression of Your Love

With every purchase decision, ask this: “Will my guests notice that I didn’t include it?” Make every penny reflect your true love story, and your guests will walk away seriously impressed.

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