What Not To Forget When Planning Your Wedding

How to Plan the Perfect Winter Wedding

First off we’d like to say congratulations on your engagement, what an exciting time for you both. Now you have told and shown everyone the ring, It’s time to start planning your big day.

With so much going on all at once it can often feel like we are forgetting something, however, take a breath as we are here with a little checklist to help you be reminded of what needs doing.

Leave Plenty Of Time For Alterations

Choosing your dresses and suits for your wedding is an exciting time, be sure to leave plenty of time when first choosing what designs you want.

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As unless you are getting custom made dresses and suits you will most likely need alterations.

It is recommended that you leave at least 6 to 9 months before your wedding day to choose your dress and suits.

This gives you plenty of time to choose the right outfit, have it made and altered.

Wedding dresses will often need a couple of alterations before the big day.

When attending your wedding dress fittings, ensure you are wearing the bra that you will be wearing on the day, as different bras have different levels of padding and if you change it up last minute your dress will no longer fit you properly.

Keep in mind that you might also need to get your bridesmaid’s dresses and the best men suits altered. 

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Plan For Bad Weather

The UK weather is unpredictable to say the least so if you are planning on having any of your wedding day take place outside ensure you have a backup plan incase of rain.

Talk to your venue and see what they offer and recommend.

If you see on the day that there is a chance of rain and you still want to risk it, think about having some umbrellas at the ready for you and your guests.

If your reception is outside consider having some marques erected to help shield you from the weather.

You will also need to think about whether your transport to the wedding venue is weatherproof, convertibles and horse-drawn carriages seem like a great idea until the wind ruins your hair and makeup, so it’s probably a more wise idea for your Wedding Cars to have roofs. 

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Think About The Photographs

Hopefully, you have your photographer sorted and you have already had a quick chat about what sort of photos you expect.

However, there might be a few little details that can make your photos look even more amazing.

When golden hour hits this is the best time to get those romantic photos, so make sure you check sunset times prior.

Another good tip is to ask the officiant to step out of the way when you have your first kiss, you will be so thankful you did when you see the photos after.

And for all those brides with long hair, our final tip to you is remove that hairband from your wrist 😉

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