Trending Wedding Venues: The Magic of Wedding Tipis

Trending Wedding Venues: The Magic of Wedding Tipis

Choosing the perfect wedding venue can be one of the most significant and strenuous decisions a couple will make when planning their wedding. Recently, there has been a huge trend shift in couples wanting more unique and unconventional weddings. One of the most exciting options that are gaining popularity are wedding tipis. 

Trending Wedding Venues: The Magic of Wedding Tipis

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The Rise of Wedding Tipis

These astonishing structures have become the latest trend in wedding venues as they offer a sense of adventure whilst creating an unforgettable atmosphere on your special day. The popularity of these wedding tipis can be due to several factors:

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A standout benefit of tipis are their versatility as they can adapt to various themes and styles. Whether you and your partner are envisioning a vintage, bohemian, rustic, or modern wedding, the open, circular design of a tipi allows for a creative seating arrangement and decoration choices.

Outdoor Appeal

With more couples opting for an outdoor setting, tipis provide that perfect solution for those wanting to celebrate under the sky without worrying about weather-related disruptions.

Scenic Locations

Tipis are often located in open fields, forests, or beaches that offer stunning views to create unique photo opportunities for your wedding.

Intimate Atmosphere

The circular shape of tipis creates an intimate atmosphere as its easier to split the space into different sections, allowing guests to gather around central focus points such as the dance floor and lounge. As the evening emerges, you can convert the tipi into cozy and intimate spaces by adding a fire pit, warm lighting, comfortable seating, plus more.

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Natural Light and Ventilation

The ability to open the sides of a tipi enables natural light to shine through during the day and providing ventilation to keep your guests comfortable.


A wedding tipi provides you with the creative freedom to select the interior design and incorporate personal touches that reflect your imagination.

Wedding Tipi Planning Tips

If you are considering hosting your wedding in a tipi, here are some tips to ensure your day runs smoothly:

Numbers Matter

Choose the number of tipis that will comfortably accommodate your guest list. You will need enough space for seating, dancing, plus any other additional setups you desire.

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Weather Contingency

While tipis provide shelter, they are open structures. Have a weather contingency plan in case of rain, extreme heat, or cold temperatures.

Decorate with Nature

Incorporating the natural surroundings into the decoration is the most popular style option. Wildflowers and greenery add to the visual appearance of the tipi.

Flooring and Lighting

Consider adding flooring to keep guests comfortable. Lights, candles, and lanterns can create a warm, cozy atmosphere for when the sun sets.

Furniture Selection

Select comfortable furniture and seating that match the tipi’s aesthetic. Rustic wooden tables and vintage furniture are the most popular choices.


Food trucks are a trendy option for a tipi wedding but ensure your caterer have adequate facilities to operate in an outdoor environment.

With careful planning, a wedding tipi can create an unforgettable celebration amongst the great outdoors. So, if you’re looking for a unique venue that provides adventure, nature, and picturesque locations, look no further than the magic of a wedding tipi.

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