Wedding traditions you can do without

Wedding traditions you can do without

The wedding industry makes billions per year. A lot of that money is made off of things that you may not necessarily need but you are told you need them anyway. If you are looking to have an amazing wedding without all the extras that will end up costing a lot of money, here are a few wedding traditions you can do without. 

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Extra Jewelry

The main jeweled prize on your wedding day is your wedding ring. Wedding rings are worn more than engagement rings and more attention should be paid to them. If you feel that you don’t need an engagement ring, there is no need for one as engagement rings are a more modern tradition dating back only about 60 or 70 years. 

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The bride also has wedding jewelry, but if you are not one to wear jewelry, you may never wear these gems again, so take the money you would spend on all of these extras and place it into something else for your wedding or put it towards something in your life where it will be useful. 


Flowers can cost tens of thousands depending on what you want. But, do you need flowers? After your big day, they are going to be taken home by other people, they will die, or they will get thrown away with the trash. In other words, all of that money will go down the drain. 

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If you are getting married outside, use nature as your flowers. The trees, the grass, the natural flowers in the world are all free to enjoy. Once again, you take that extra money and put it towards something more useful in your life that you are going to build upon forever. 

A Wedding Party

It’s nice to celebrate with your friends, but do you need ten of them standing next to you when you say your “I dos?” Having a wedding party can get expensive for you especially if you want to throw parties, buy gifts, and organize a whole group of people. You are going to want to focus on yourself on your wedding day and juggling a bunch of people can get hectic.

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If you don’t think you need it, stand up there with your witnesses and call it a day. Removing the wedding party from your nuptials will be one less item on your list, and you won’t disappoint anyone who may not make the cut. 

Too Much Food

Most people don’t eat their wedding dinner because they ate a lot of food during cocktail hour and filled up on drinks at the bar. If you can, do away with the formal sit down dinner and have one really long cocktail hour where guests can pick at food and eat as much as they want. 

The same goes for wedding cake, if you don’t want to go through the song and dance of cutting the cake, most people won’t eat it. Save your money and offer simple desserts that everyone will love. 

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