Wedding Traditions From Around The World

Wedding Traditions From Around The World

Everyone’s vision of a perfect wedding is different.  Some want a small, intimate occasion, while others want the works. Cultures across the world place great importance on marriages, with their own unique wedding traditions to mark the happy events. 

Here are some wedding traditions from around the world to inspire you when planning your wedding

Embracing Wedding Traditions From Around The World

Weddings in the UK are evolving, mixing old traditions with new ideas.

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It’s certainly keeping wedding planning services UK on their toes as couples strive to put their own stamp of personality on their wedding. 

A Long-Standing Wedding Tradition In India Is Henna Tattoos

A Long-Standing Wedding Tradition In India Is Henna Tattoos

In a traditional Indian wedding, the bride’s hands and feet are painted in a beautifully intricate series of henna tattoos known as mendhi

It is said that the painting of the mendhi is not just for decorative purposes but is meant to allow the bride to remain calm and relaxed before the wedding. 

The work takes hours to achieve and can last for up to two weeks. 

Italians Throw Edible Confetti

Italians Throw Edible Confetti

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Confetti has long been associated with traditional weddings in many cultures.

Instead of brightly coloured paper, Italian guests, always chic, traditionally throw beautiful candies almonds.

It is said that the five almonds represent longevity, fertility, health, wealth and happiness.

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They’re also very tasty.

In Cuban Traditions, Wedding Guests Pay For A Dance With The Bride

In Cuban Traditions, Wedding Guests Pay For A Dance With The Bride

In a Cuban wedding reception, it is a tradition for the bride to dance with many of the guests.

Each guest who dances with the bride then pins money to the wedding dress.

It is a way for the guests to help the bride and groom pay for the wedding.

Though it does seem a shame to ruin a wedding dress with pins. 

In Traditional German Weddings, Newlyweds Saw Logs

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A newly married couple go out into the world and face it together and what better way to symbolise this than by sawing a log in half? 

Still, in their wedding clothes, the German newlyweds use a two-person saw and work together to saw the log in front of wedding guests.

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It is an incredibly symbolic occasion which is both meaningful and sure to provide some lighthearted moments to the occasion. 

Wedding Cake Traditions In Norway – The Kransekake

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Forget the traditional iced wedding cake, in Norway, they create something called a kransekake, which is made by placing a series of iced cake rings made of almonds on top of each other.

The effect is a huge cone shape which looks very impressive.

The hollow middle of the cake is often filled with presents such as a bottle of champagne. 

It is also common for the happy couple to pick up the top ring of the cake. 

It is said that the number of layers stuck to the top ring will be the number of children the couple will have. 

In Venezuela, Newlyweds Make A Secret Getaway

In Venezuela, Newlyweds Make A Secret Getaway

You might think that it is only in movies that the married couple leaves the wedding reception early, often to an impossibly well-timed flight to a honeymoon destination

In Venezuela, it is apparently good look for the newlyweds to try and leave their wedding reception early, without anyone noticing. 

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