Wedding Stationery: How To Design Your Own

Wedding Stationery: How To Design Your Own

Wedding stationery might not be top of the list when couples start their wedding planning journey.

Traditional headliners like the venue and the dress typically grab centre stage.

Since wedding stationery is still the formal method of inviting guests, investing time designing the stationery is crucial.

Cost-Effective Wedding Stationery Design

Cost-Effective Wedding Stationery Design

Getting the look of the stationery right is an important part of conveying the theme and feel for your wedding day and it pays to think about it early on.

Forward-planning will ensure visual consistency across the whole range of stationery, from invitations to table cards.

It can be expensive to pay a designer to do this for you and in today’s digital world, it’s not really necessary.

A quick internet search will find sites that walk you through the whole process.

Follow this handy guide to decide which types of stationery you need and find out how to produce designs that sacrifice nothing in the style department.

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Choosing A Font That Suits Your Wedding Theme

Choosing A Font That Suits Your Wedding Theme

A great font is essential to a good design.

The right font encapsulates everything that you want to communicate about the look and feel of your big day.

The even better news is that there are so many free downloadable fonts available now that it will be fun to research and find the perfect font for your day.

You will find thousands of free wedding fonts online which can be broken down into four different categories.

It helps to know a little about each category, to navigate to the right kind of font for your stationery.

Serif Fonts

Serif fonts are the oldest, classic fonts that you are likely to have already become familiar with through word processing packages at work and home.

A serif is the little ‘feet’ found at the head or foot of the individual letters.

Whilst you might think this serif font has little to offer wedding stationery, a couple of world-class brands use serif font logos to embody elegance, notably the high-class jewellers, Tiffany.

San Serif fonts are more modern, without the serif flourishes.

They offer a clean, minimal look.

Again, popular in business, they are also seen in use in fashion company logos including Calvin Klein.

Script Fonts

Script fonts are cursive and echo the handwritten elegance of a bygone age.

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Depending on the complexity of the flourishes within the font, these can make a popular choice for the personal touch on stationery.

Keep readability for the recipient in mind.

Too many curls and flourishes can affect this. The Instagram logo is a good example of a readable script font.

Decorative Fonts

Decorative fonts are highly individualistic.

Their advantage is that they can convey the couple’s unique outlook and creativity.

Weddings with a historic theme might suit decorative font stationery.

Apart from the style of the font, some couples might be drawn to the name of the font.

With evocative titles such as Rose Blush, Campground, Magnifika, Silver Leaf, Foundry there are plenty of font names that will align with the wedding concept.

Designing Your Own Wedding Stationery

Designing Your Own Wedding Stationery

Save The Date Cards

These are the first things your guests will receive.

A combination of words and images personal to the couple or the day will create a great impression and a buzz about the day.

Wedding Invitations

The invitations are important.

A memento of the day, they also need to contain all the logistical information like date, time and venue addresses.

Some invitations include extra guest instructions, so make sure that the size and layout of the invitation complement the amount of text used.

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Don’t forget RSVP details and to order envelopes if you are sending out printed invitations to guests.

Wedding Menus

Depending on the wedding timeline, the invitations might be designed and distributed to guests long before the exact details of the wedding breakfast are finalised.

Furthermore, some venues take care of the menus.

It’s still worth thinking about which design elements of the save the date cards and invitations can be used in your menus, seating plans, table signs, favour tags and labels if you have them.

Consider Eco-Friendly Wedding Stationery

Right now, I’m all about putting the environment first.

Weddings can be particularly wasteful, so it’s a good idea to research into ways you can make eco-friendly wedding planning choices.

There is a variety of ways to make your wedding stationery eco-friendly.

Consider stationery that is made from recycled paper and is printed in the UK using sustainable inks and paper dyes.

Think about e-invites and RSVPs for the majority, if not all, guests.

There are several paperless wedding invitation sites.

Upload your invitation design and the site will send the invites and track RSVPs.

Any of these methods individually or in combination across all your wedding stationery will help reduce the event’s carbon footprint.

So, Now It’s Time To Start Planning The Look Of Your Wedding Stationery!

On the biggest day of your life, there is so much to think about but good wedding stationery is enjoyable and easy to create.

Strong, consistent design incorporates visual detail that will contribute to delivering the creative vision for an amazing wedding day.

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