Wedding Post-Lockdown? How Are Vendors Responding?

Wedding Post-Lockdown: How Are Vendors Responding?

Are you wondering if you’ll have a dream-come-true wedding post-lockdown?

If you had a wedding planned any time in the last few months, you probably had to either postpone it or have a small, socially distanced ceremony that wasn’t the dashing wedding of your dreams.

Here’s the lowdown on planning your wedding post-lockdown…

Is It Safe To Go Ahead With Your UK Wedding Post-Lockdown This Year (2020)?

Well, we have some good news!

As the UK continues to ease lockdown restrictions, safety measures will be in place to keep you and your guests safe.

That said, things will not be back to “normal” for quite some time.

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You’ll need to make some modifications to your wedding that might not be suited for the photo album, trim your guest list for everyone’s safety, and make sure there’s a safe distance between tables and chairs.

You may also want your guests to wear masks.

So, Will It Still Be The Wedding Of Your Dreams?

Quite possibly, no. 

But that doesn’t mean you should put it off any longer.

Planning and attending a wedding post-lockdown is a personal decision. No one should be judged for it.

Be patient and understanding if guests are not ready to be in large crowds of people.

If you tell your guests the safety precautions you’ll have in place, they are more likely to attend. 

How Are Wedding Vendors Responding Post-Lockdown?

You have a long list of vendors contributing to your big day.

The venue, caterer, bridal shop, florist, photographer and more need to be chosen carefully.

If you have booked these already, have you asked them what safety precautions they have in place?

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Your Wedding Dress

If you haven’t picked out a dress yet, many bridal shops are taking appointments for dress fittings and allow only one customer inside at a time.

While you won’t be able to have the traditional experience of trying on dresses and sipping champagne with your bridal party, finding the perfect dress won’t be a problem post-lockdown.

Your Catering

For catering, a buffet wouldn’t be a safe option with the virus still looming.

Consider a plated main meal and skip the many courses you would normally have.

Catering staff should take extra precautions by wearing masks and face shields while preparing food and serving guests.

Hand washing should be a top priority for everyone and we advise having hand sanitation stations around the venue. 

What About Salons and Cosmetic Clinics?

One of the best things about your big day is getting pampered and beautified.

You may want your entire bridal party to get their hair, makeup and nails done.

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Salons are opening with strict safety protocols in place, but most are not allowing more than one or two people inside at a time.

With this in mind, plan in advance and accept that you likely won’t all be together during your salon visit. 

For things like facials, Botox and dermal fillers, you need to be up close and personal with your esthetician.

Many cosmetic clinics are putting extra precautions in place for the safety of their clients.

You may find a long waiting list of people who desperately need their dermal filler top-up, and many clinics are prioritising customers who had appointments cancelled during the lockdown.

If you happen to score an appointment, these are being spaced out to ensure only one or two clients are having treatments at a time.

Your Wedding Post-Lockdown

While these may be annoyances when you’re trying to plan your wedding, these precautions are in place to keep everyone safe.

The virus hasn’t gone away and without a vaccine, your wedding day may be a bit different than you expected.

But with some slight modifications, you can still have a beautiful wedding, because this special day is about the love you share with your partner, not a fancy party.

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