Wedding Planning: Small Decisions That Can Make Your Day Big

Wedding Planning: Small Decisions That Can Make Your Day Big

There is no understating how exciting this time in your life is. You have just got engaged to the person you love and have celebrated, and now you get to plan a huge day based solely on the two of you.

But sometimes this planning is a little harder than you previously imagined. There is so much to do and all the while the date creeps closer to the horizon. Then you start to wonder whether you can really pull off the wedding of your dreams.

The key to wedding planning is relaxing. Read through our tips to find out what small decisions you can make that will drastically improve your big day.

Start The Planning Early

The first part of planning any wedding is setting a date. This gives you a goal to aim for, and the chances are it is a long way off from the present day. You will likely find yourselves with loads of time on your hands.  However, this date will come upon you a lot sooner than you may think.

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There is no use in procrastinating. The earlier you start planning, the smoother the experience will be. Give yourself a head start by putting things in motion as soon as you are able. You don’t have to plan the big things straight away, but anything you do at this point is one less thing to worry about in future.

Set A Budget And Stick To It

Setting your budget goes hand in hand with starting your planning early. Of course, deciding on how much money you have for a wedding is not a small decision, but that’s not what this section refers to.

What you want to do is set a lower budget early on and try to stick to this amount. There are some things that you don’t want to skimp on, such as the dress, venue or catering but everything else will come with a cost-effective alternative. Looking at these options will give you a good idea about what you really care about, revealing the things that you will need to spend a lot of money on and highlighting the irrelevant things that you don’t need.

Select The Right Venue

Your ideal wedding venue does not need to be lavish and expensive, but it does need to reflect you as a couple. Most people are content to find a local venue because of convenience. Try to expand your horizons and look further afield to discover a place that you really want.

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For example, the county of Berkshire might not be the place that you always dreamed of getting married, but Heritage Venues is a company that offers some of the most unique and stunning wedding venues that you may have neglected due to the location. Try not to let a silly thing like that get in the way of your big day. You never know, wedding venues in Berkshire might offer the perfect location for your wedding.

Ask For Help

There is a high probability that either you or your spouse know a few people that have already gotten married. Times may have changed since your parent’s wedding, but it never hurts to look for advice.

Styles change, but the feelings of anticipation and nerves that go hand in hand with an upcoming marriage do not. For these issues, seek out the people that you know will have had the same experience. You may be overly excited or feel a little deflated. Whichever it is, these feelings are perfectly normal and you are bound to find at least one person that has felt this way before. Talk it out and try not to let it ruin your magical time.

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Don’t Opt For A Free Bar

A wedding is a time when emotions run high and everyone you care about is in the same room. This is the perfect scenario for your wedding day, but think about this sentence again and then add booze to the equation.

Yes, the wedding hangover is a time honoured tradition and it doesn’t take long for an inebriated relative to embarrass you in front of all of your loved ones. But while there is no stopping these facts of life, you can at least stem the tide for a bit.

You might think that a free bar is a generous idea when planning the wedding, but you may come to regret it when the big day arrives. Having a paid bar forces people to be a little more conservative with the amount of alcohol they consume. Therefore, it is less likely that someone goes overboard and does something to ruin your day.


Planning a wedding is supposed to be a joyous time for you and your partner. So take things slow, and try to keep these tips in mind to ensure that your life together gets off to a good start.

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