Making Sure Your Wedding Album Is Exactly How You Want It To Be

Wedding Photography Guide
There’s a lot to think about when it comes to weddings. You know that, or you wouldn’t be here reading this wedding photography guide. You need somewhere to be and something to wear. And, you’ve probably got so many things on hire for the day that you’ve lost track already. In fact, by this stage, you may be pulling your hair out in despair.

Yet, here we are telling you that there are yet more things to think about. Sadly, though, that’s the way of the wedding. If you want things to be perfect, you need to consider every aspect ahead of time, including the outcome of your wedding photos.

Wedding Photography Guide

Wedding Photography Guide

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If you’re drowning in preparations elsewhere, there’s a chance you haven’t even considered this. But, it’s past time you did. After all, this is your lasting memory of the day. In years to come, when your recollections are fuzzy, or your kids have come along, these will be the memories you form and pass down. So, you could argue taking time here is the most important thing of all.

On the plus side, we may be adding to your to-do list, but it’s all for the better. You’ll undoubtedly thank yourself (or us) for your efforts here in years to come. But, how exactly can you make sure your wedding photos turn out the way you’d like them? Well, we’ve got you covered there, too. All you need to do is read on. You might want to make a few notes along the way, too.

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Take Time Choosing A Photographer

Wedding Photography Guide

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This is a no-brainer, isn’t it? But, alas, it had to come top of this list. If you want your pictures to look good, there is no more important factor than the photographer you pick. By looking at their past work, you can gain a pretty good idea of how your pictures will turn out down the line. Sadly, many of us fall into the trap of picking the first photographer we find. It’s easier, and they’re much the same, aren’t they? Not at all. In fact, with more photographers than ever developing stylised and candid options, it’s essential you shop around using directories like this one at

Even if you find someone you like, jot their name and website down, then carry on looking. Through the course of your research, there’s every chance you may find styles you didn’t even know you wanted. Those who were planning the ‘traditional’ wedding photo may see that candid shots look better.

You may even decide that themed photos are the way to go while you’d never considered them before. Either way, research is the key to unlock your ideal wedding album. You don’t need to spend hours that you don’t have on this, either. Most photographers provide easy to access portfolios. Just a glimpse at those will give you an idea of whether it’s a yes or no. Once you have your list, head back to the sites you’ve picked and take a closer look. Your choice here should come down to whether you can see pictures like those hanging on your walls in the future.

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Take Time Choosing A Backdrop

Wedding Photography Guide

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So, you’ve booked the photographer of your dreams. But, have you considered photos during your venue hunt? Most of us look out for capacity, reception rooms, and the general feel of a place. But, less of us consider whether the overall appearance will look the part in our photo albums. Yet, aside from your photographer, this is the most important thing of all.

A lousy venue can undo the work of even the best photographers on the market. So, always spare a thought to this. If you’re visiting venues like, walk around the grounds and consider whether the building is backdrop you’d like to remember forever.

If you’re opting for a church wedding, ask about photograph locations. Consider, too, whether the church would look striking behind you. And, of course, you also need to consider whether the weather will play you up on the day.

As well as looking at external factors, ask about indoor photography facilities. A charming country manner, for instance, may have only basic settings for indoor sessions. A church might not have any at all. But, you need to know that, even if it rains, you can get the snaps your heart desires. If not, you may well have to look elsewhere.

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Meet For A Practice Snapping Session

Wedding Photography Guide

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Once you’ve got the venue and the right photographer for the job, it’s time to book a practice session. This is something most wedding photographers offer. But, many busy brides merely overlook the necessity. You’ve got enough to do without making time for that, too. Besides, you’ve seen their work. You already understand what they do. But, that’s no comparison to a practice session, and you NEED to fit this into your schedule.

Even an hour or two with your photographer would do the trick here. It’s a small amount of time which could save you from a lifetime of imperfect snaps. Aside from showing you which photographs to expect, sessions like these will give you a good idea of how your photographer operates. Look out for someone who’s willing to adapt to your needs, rather than bulldosing with their style. The idea photographer will ask you what you’re after and find a way to fit that into what the do. In short; this should be an open partnership, rather than a passive photo session.

If a photographer seems unwilling to adapt or ask about your needs, it’s a sure warning sign they aren’t the one for you. Of course, this also works both ways. The photographer may have suggestions of things to try, and you should be open to that. This is the time to mess around and test things out. Then, when your wedding day comes, you’ll all have a clear idea of what works and what doesn’t. And you can bet your wedding album will be faultless as a result.

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Wedding Photography Guide

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