Five Ways You Can Create Wedding Memories that Last

Five Ways You Can Create Wedding Memories that Last
So you are getting married soon? If you already have your venue selected, and compiled your guest list, you can start thinking about making your wedding memories last. While you are likely to remember the big day for a long time, you might want to create some memorabilia for your friends, family members, yourself, and future children that will capture the spirit of love and togetherness. Check out the five unique ways you can do this below.

Five Ways You Can Create Wedding Memories that Last

1. Wedding Canvas Print

To keep your wedding day memories alive, you might get your wedding photographer to order a large canvas you can put in your living room. Choose the best pictures created by Vittore Buzzi photography and order large prints that you can put above your bed and in your hallway. Alternatively, you can get your pictures printed on different materials, or painted on a wooden surface. If you are happy with the pictures, you can display them on a digital picture frame, too.

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2. Personalized Wedding Gifts

Give your wedding guests and family members a unique present for attending your wedding. Send them a champagne glass with your best wedding photo printed on, or a wooden jewellery box with your picture. Get a thank you note with your picture created for all guests, or get some display plates made that commemorates the best moments of the wedding.

3. Calendars

You can create a calendar for yourself and your friends to remember the best day of the year. This way, you can keep the spirit alive. Give one to your parents and in-laws, and they will proudly show their friends how great the event of the year was. You can get your calendars designed by a professional photographer, or order prints online based on your own design. Select the best photos, and personalize the calendars to feature your friends. Five Ways You Can Create Wedding Memories that Last

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4. Wedding Album for Kids

If you want to show your future kids your wedding day, you can create a personalized collage or online album and save it on a cloud storage, or a memory stick. You can add personal messages and create an intro video for them on the wedding day, and they can watch it years later to understand the commitment of their parents towards each other and their families.

5. Wedding Documentary Videos

You can get a friend or professional to create a documentary of your wedding. Cover all the preparations, the reception, interview with guests, and the honeymoon. Get a professional to edit the video and make it into a documentary that can be watched by your family members who were unable to attend, or even future generations. Let your personality and joy shine through the video.

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Whether you need to commemorate your big day for yourself, or want to share it with people who could not attend your wedding, you have several ways to make your memories last. Get creative, create albums, calendars, canvas prints, and a documentary video you can watch with your kids ten years from now.

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Five Ways You Can Create Weddinig Memories that Last

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