Wedding Invites: Here’s Some DIY Design Inspiration

Wedding Invites: Here's Some DIY Design Inspiration

The whole process of getting married can be pricey. It is a good idea to sit down together and work out where you want to splurge. Will it be the venue, the cake and the clothing? There are ways in which you might be able to save a few pennies. Get a caterer friend to do your cooking, allow friends to take some of the photographs, and make your own wedding invites.

The latter is perhaps the easiest expense to save.

Getting married is huge.

It’s a sign of becoming a fully-fledged adult, moving away from your parents and towards your spouse.

It can also signal many more changes.

Your job, your home, even your name.

But weddings are joyful occasions.

A celebration of the love you feel towards each other and it should be celebrated as such.

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How To Design Inviting Wedding Invites

Floral wedding invites via Design Bundles

Invites look great when they have photos or images on them.

Unfortunately, though, the cost of photography and formal printing can be very high.

Instead, use phone pictures, and a home printer.

Or you could ask your best friend who’s good at taking photos to get some nice shots of the two of you together.

In this way, you can print exactly how many invitations you need in the comfort of your own home.

And for a fraction of the price of professional wedding invites.


Downloadable wedding invites on Design Bundles

In the 80s and before, high-quality invitations were expensive and fairly rare.

They were usually crafted by hand by someone skilled at calligraphy.

This meant that a set of thirty or so invitations had to be carefully crafted by hand, with any errors meaning that the piece being worked on would have to be discarded.

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Today, even smartphones are more than capable of producing high quality invites with just a few taps on the screen!

You can pick a nice font that you both agree on, design the invite and print as many as you like.

Sites like are perfect for this purpose.

They offer a huge range of fonts and ensure that your monogram is perfectly centred when you are ready to print off your invites.

They can help you to achieve a completely professional look with just the investment of a little time and ingenuity.

What’s more, the site is free to use!


Some design apps like Canva allow you to edit wedding invites templates.

They are intuitive and easy to use, and you can even search using keywords to find just the right font and colours to send the exact message to your friends and family about your big day

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Double Purpose Stamp

Wedding invite stamp from Etsy

You might want to invest in a personalised stamp for a fiver or so.

These stamps usually have all the significant information on them; your names, the date and the occasion (engagement party, wedding etc.)

They make perfect mementos that can be kept to remind you about the fun and excitement of this transitional and important period of your lives.

There are some brilliant inspiration galleries on Pinterest that you should check out before you start, as this could save you a great deal of time!

Making your own wedding invitations is a fun way to initiate the whole process.

You can work with your partner to design and print them, enjoying the bonding experience as you create your perfect wedding invites ahead of your perfect wedding!

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