Wedding Gifts: How To Pick The Best

How to pick the best wedding gifts

When you receive a wedding invitation, it is exciting to plan time off and decide what to wear. You also need to decide on the wedding gifts for the couple getting married.

This gift shows your support for the bride and groom and finding the right gift does not have to be stressful if you follow these suggestions on how to pick the best wedding gifts.

How Much Should You Spend On Wedding Gifts?

There are no rigid rules about what the value of your gift to the couple should be.

Some say the gift should total more than the cost of your place at the wedding and reception.

But, not every couple considers this necessary.

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Most people send you an invitation simply because they want you to be there.

Check out a wedding gifts guide for wedding gifts across a range of prices.

Generally, those closest to the couple may want to spend more, so the sister of the bride or a best friend will likely spend more than a co-worker.

Wedding Gift Registeries

The simplest way to pick a wedding gift is to check to see if the couple has a wedding register at a store.

Then you can select an option that you know the couple will want since they compiled the list.

If there is no list, you can look more broadly, taking into consideration the couple’s style and taste. 

If you don’t know the couple very well, ask those who know them well what they would like.

When Thinking About Wedding Gifts, Consider What They Like As A Couple

Wedding Gifts: How To Pick The Best

As you have been invited to the wedding, you likely know what they are like as a couple.

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You may also know what they like as a couple.

Social media platforms work well here as they may contain photographs of their latest adventures, interests and styles.

This could be anything from cooking, camping, fitness or travel.

Once you have an idea about what the couple are passionate about, other than each other, you can brainstorm for wedding gift ideas.

A gift of new luggage for those who love travelling, tickets to the opera or something for their new home together could all work.

What is important is that the best wedding gift is something that both of them will love, not just the bride or the groom. 

Joint Wedding Gifts

If the couple’s gift registry is full of expensive gifts, or if they are saving for something expensive like a holiday, it is perfectly acceptable for guests to pool together their money to buy the big-ticket item outright.

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In addition to the main registry, the couple may have registered online for a way in which can arrange for cash gifts to pay for something in particular, perhaps a honeymoon.

Yet, many are uncomfortable about asking for or giving cash gifts, but as a last resort, it is acceptable.

That’s what we did, and it paid for our honeymoon.


You can ask the couple what they would like as a wedding gift.

Something they genuinely love that will remind them of their wedding every time they see it.

You may get a helpful response, though people are usually rather coy when asked directly.

You could ask a bridesmaid, best man or family member who could signpost you in the right direction.

‘No Gifts’ Request

On the wedding invitation, the couple may have stipulated “no gifts” to let people know that all they want is to share their joyful day with family and friends.

You can honour this request whilst at the same time making a donation to their favourite charity in honour of their wedding.

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