Wedding Entertainment Ideas For Kids: Say ‘I Do’ To Happy Children

Wedding Entertainment Ideas For Kids: Say 'I Do' To Happy Children

Ensuring your youngest guests have a blast at your wedding is crucial—they are the VIPs who won’t hesitate to voice their displeasure if bored. To keep your day tantrum-free and enjoyable for everyone, I’ve curated a collection of wedding entertainment ideas for kids that will delight them from start to finish. Parents will breathe a sigh of relief knowing their children are happily engaged. Acknowledging that weddings can stretch on for the little ones, this guide is packed with creative solutions to keep toddlers to teens entertained throughout the event. Rest easy and allow me to guide you through ensuring all your guests, no matter their age, have a memorable time!

Create a Kids’ Corner

This one may divide wedding planners and married couples but see what you think. Setting up a designated kids’ corner that is a place just for them can help them relax, play, and unwind in peace. Fill it with age-appropriate toys, colouring books, and games to keep them happy. 

One reason why this may not be popular is simply because if you have lots of kids in a kid’s corner, it could be carnage. It also may take some of the adults away from the wedding fun to become group babysitters. 

This one could work better with well-behaved pre-teens or if only a handful of children are coming to your wedding.

Hire a professional entertainer

Your evening guests may already be having fun with a hired magician, singer, or musician. So, why not have something for the children in the form of a professional entertainer?

A dedicated balloon artist, clown, or entertainer can help to keep younger children engaged in fun activities, leaving the parents free to enjoy your reception.

Hire a sweetie cart

One way to keep kids (and grown-ups) entertained is to give them all of the best sweet treats possible. Hiring a pic ‘n mix or sweetie cart can help you with this. Companies can provide everything from personalised paper bags to specific sweets to personal sweet favourites

Children love this kind of entertainment at weddings. It gives them a sense of independence where they can pick sweets as often as they’d like. Sweetie carts can also be fun for everyone by putting your own spin on it. You could create order cards for the children to use and let them pick sweet treats for the adults on their tables. 

Better yet, make your own sweetie table with some DIY focus and crafting of your own. Purchase some bags, jars, and tongs and then bulk-buy the sweets you think your guests would enjoy.

Organise outdoor games

If your wedding venue has outdoor space, take advantage of it by organising a variety of outdoor games and activities. You can go for the classic lawn games like giant Jenga and Draughts or make it more adventurous with a fun scavenger hunt. A fun thing to keep kids entertained is a mini sports day with games like the egg & spoon race and sack races.

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Set up a DIY craft station

The children at your wedding will never get bored of their DIY craft station. Let them unleash their creativity and make memories to take home with a cute craft table. Provide materials like beads, cards, paint sticks, glitter, and stickers. Let them make friendship bracelets, wedding day word searches, memory boxes and cards. Then let them enjoy the fun while you enjoy a glass of champagne and toast to a job well done!

Set up a movie corner

Who doesn’t love a good movie? The kids at your wedding will love their very own movie corner to chill out in while their parents dance. Set up cosy bean bags, blankets, snacks and a range of age-appropriate movies for them to choose from. 

Have the movie corner available throughout your reception and offer it to the little ones for when they get tired out from dancing or they’re bored. It will be a welcome retreat for them. 

Go one step further and personalise some popcorn packets and cups for them to enjoy.

Create a scavenger hunt

What’s the best way to entertain children who have bundles of energy at a wedding? Simple: a scavenger hunt!

Creating a wedding-themed scavenger hunt that is paced around the big moments of your day can help transform bored kids into little stars.

Create a list of playful tasks for all ages and enlist the help of your venue to find unique spots to find. Give the children a list of items to hunt and activities to do at each area. For example: find the bride’s bouquet and take a selfie with it; find someone eating the wedding cake and take a bite too. You can even hide some hidden treasures for them to find. Better yet, you can incorporate the hunt into the speeches and send the children off on missions to keep them entertained.

Host a kid’s talent shows

One way to really get the children involved in your big day is to let them hold a talent show. It’ll really add a touch of magic and could lead to the best home videos from your wedding. 

Let the children pick the talent they’d like to showcase: it could be singing, dancing, magic, telling jokes – the sky is the limit. Encourage children to go wild and express themselves and be confident. 

One way to skyrocket the performances is to invite the children to practice their skills and talents in their own wedding invites. That way they can practice ahead of the big day and bring outfits and props to your wedding. Then get them to practice during the speeches in their own area.

Interactive stations & games

Transform the fun of your wedding day for the kids by creating a space for them to play games and be interactive. Give them their own space to enjoy fun games like lawn games, mini obstacle courses and problem-solving. 

Encourage the children to work together and plunge themselves into making new friends and trying something different. Be sure to notify your photography team to be on hand to capture any brilliant moments of pure childhood joy.

Offer a kid-friendly menu

Kids can be fussy and mealtimes in new places can be stressful. So, why not reduce the risk of stress by offering a kid-friendly menu and interactive food options for your smaller guests?

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Go for meals that are a fun treat like mini pizzas, macaroni cheese and build your own desserts with skewers, fruit and chocolate sauce. 

Make entertainment of it by letting older children build their own pizzas with different toppings. Take the fun one step further by printing off blank menus for them to decorate and share.

Hire a nanny

If you want to go the extra mile to keep the children at your wedding entertained all day and all night long, you can hire a nanny. Hiring a team of experienced nannies ensures that the children at your wedding are not only entertained but also cared for in a safe and nurturing environment. 

Nanny services can help to organise fun and age appropriate activities and supervise playtimes along with assisting with meal times and quiet times and even bedtime routines.

Hiring a nanny service can allow all of your guests to let loose and enjoy the day. The parents will be grateful for some adult time where they don’t need to be on high alert and the kids will love having someone new to play with. It’s a win-win!

Create a dressing-up station

Make your wedding day memorable for your younger guests by creating them their very own dressing-up station. Fill it with costumes and accessories from their favourite TV shows and movies, add props and hats and crafts and watch the magic happen. 

Their imagination will run wild as they pretend to be superheroes and princesses and pirates in the background of your big day. 

Keep it on budget by shopping second-hand and going for things like capes, hats, crowns and tutus. Ask friends to provide fancy dress appropriate for their ages and let the kids be kids. 

Let their creativity run wild by giving them craft items so that they can make their own crowns, hats and even wedding dresses. Go totally out there and give them toilet tissue and encouraging them to create their very own wedding dresses!

Photo by Justin Clark on Unsplash

Food truck fun

Food trucks are a great way to keep kids entertained at your wedding. It’s simple but, in my experience, it’s always super effective. 

Hire a fun food truck for your evening reception and let the kids take orders using their very own homemade menus (decorated and personalised during the wedding breakfast and the speeches). Getting the kids involved will keep them excited and entertained throughout the evening.

You can go classic with food truck hires: think fish and chips or pizza. If you want to go a bit more out there, you can go for bao buns, nachos, grilled cheese or even just dessert.

Get a photo booth

One surefire way to get kids involved and entertained throughout your wedding day is to hire a photobooth. Photobooths have been popular add-ons to weddings for a number of years and they’re a guaranteed way to get kids and grown-ups alike to shake off their inhibitions and have a bit fo silly fun. 

You can hire a photo booth that is already decked out with playful props, funny backdrops and touch screens to help your guests capture the perfect moments. Encourage your guests to go again and again and create silly poses and great memories to take home. 

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Ask your photo booth to print two of every print – let your guests keep one version and ask them to stick the other into a memory or guest book and add a message. 

For the kids, give them tasks to create the best photos using the photobooths. For example, ask them to get a photo with the father of the bride and all the children; task them with putting on all of the props for one photo. 

Let them be silly and have fun with it and you’re sure to get the best and most comical photos!

Hire a bouncy castle

Add a little extra fun to your wedding day by hiring a bouncy castle for your smaller guests. Who doesn’t love a bouncy castle? Even your grown-up guests will be tempted to get on it and go for a bounce. 

Hire a bouncy castle that matches your colour scheme, add some personalised banners to the background and set up a photography stall and encourage the kids to capture great moments of fun.

The bouncy castle can be a great prop for your professional photos too!

Face painting

Another way to entertain the children at your wedding is to hire a professional face painter. Get kids involved by letting them pick their ideal designs and characters.

Keep the face painter for your party and encourage the adults to get flowery motifs painted on their faces too. Kids will love seeing grown-ups getting involved and the photos will be priceless.

Bubble station

Bubbles do something special to children and adults alike. If you are blessed with a big outdoor space with your venue, be sure to set up a bubble station and let the children go wild.

Your station can be simple: bulk buy individual bottles of bubbles, get your hands on bubble machines and go wild with bubble entertainers if you want to really push the boat out. Encourage the children to blow bubbles and chase them in the breeze. Incorporate it into your photos with bubbles as your backdrop.

Build a snack station

Children and snacks go together like peas and carrots. One surefire way to entertain the kids at your wedding is by creating a fun snack station and letting them build snacks for themselves throughout the day.

The snacks can be simple things like popcorn, chocolate and fruit. Give them their own personalised paper plates and let them sneak off for a snack top-up when they’re feeling bored or irritable. You’ll be remembered for the snacks!

Photo by Kayan Baby on Unsplash

Invest in some disposable cameras

Kids these days may have no clue what disposable cameras are. The novelty of having one shot to get the perfect photo and the honus to be in charge of photos can really engage children. 

Gift each child their own disposable camera and task them with snapping the best photos of the day. Promise them a viewing party once the photos have been developed and give them prizes for the most unique images created.

Go one step further and give them props, inspirations and lists of photos to take!

Grab my printable wedding activity pack!

If you want to entertain the children at your wedding with minimal effort and organisation, you need my Printable Wedding Activity Pack. With activities like wedding dress designing, themed I Spy, word scrambles, colouring pages, word search and so much more, they’re guaranteed to keep the children entertained. 

Packed with a variety of engaging activities, puzzles, and games, this printable activity pack ensures that children stay entertained and captivated throughout the celebration. From colouring pages featuring charming wedding-themed illustrations to word searches, mazes, and connect-the-dots puzzles, there’s something to spark the imagination of every child. 

Designed to be easy to print multiple times, my Activity Pack is not only convenient but budget-busting!

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