Unique Entertainment Ideas For Your Big Day

Unique Entertainment Ideas For Your Big Day
If your big day is coming up in the next few months, you may be starting to wonder what sort of entertainment you want to provide for your guests. During the summer, you can have a lot of fun with your wedding entertainment and really make something unique, and here are some ideas for you to bring to your special day this year.

The fairground

If you have the budget and some outdoor space, you can have some fun and bring a village fete theme as your wedding entertainment. Hire a bouncy castle, fairground games and even a Ferris wheel if you are able to. What better way to spend a summer day than at the fair?

Sports day

If you love to be active and you fancy making a splash on your wedding day, you can host an adult sports day for everyone and put them against each other in teams of tables. You can buy giant games such as Jenga for outside, you could buy a few sacks for the sack race and even play a game of football and tug of war!

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Photo booth

If you want to make some amazing memories to keep for the rest of your life, a fun thing to do would be to hire out a photo booth and let your guests flood the stall throughout the evening. In the midst of laughter and clinking glasses, the addition of a PictureBlast 360 photo booth experience at your wedding can elevate the joyous occasion to a whole new level. Not only does it provide a unique entertainment option, but it also captures memories in a dynamic way. As the sun sets, imagine your guests congregating around the booth, sharing laughs and creating unforgettable moments. Moreover, the 360-degree feature ensures that every angle is covered, encapsulating the vibrant atmosphere in its entirety. You’ll get some hilarious photos to add to your wedding album!

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A day at the beach

If you have decided to host a beach wedding for your guests in a hot and sunny day, why not make the most of the theme and have a beach barbecue with your family and friends? You can hire a pop up bar to appear on the beach as well as provide lots of buckets and spades for your tipsy guests, and an ice cream van for everyone to cool off with a sweet treat!

A masquerade

We’ve all watched movies and TV shows which show people having fun in masquerade masks and looking super classy. If you fancy a totally new experience for your wedding day you can hold a masquerade ball as the evening do. You’ll have music, food, fun and dancing, but there will be an air or mystery and sophistication too.

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A murder mystery

If you’ve spent the last few weeks binge watching Sherlock on Netflix, you might fancy yourself as quite the detective. If you are having a fairly intimate wedding reception, you could make it into a murder mystery game with you spending the evening trying to work out who among you is the murderer. You can all dress up in different outfits and give the clues to a member of the venue so that no one knows the identity of the killer until the end of the game. It can be a fun way to bond with your family and friends over food and drink, and make some unique memories for the day.

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