Wedding Cortege: Everything About Choosing A Car For A Wedding

Wedding Cortege: Everything About Choosing A Car For A Wedding

When organising a celebration, many newlyweds have to deal with such an issue as renting a car for a wedding. It’s clear that it is not an option for guests and a couple to travel on foot or by public transport, so wedding cars are a must. But where to find them and how to choose are other questions!

Which wedding car to choose?


This is the best option for making an unusual wedding procession and impressing the audience. And if it seems to you that renting a supercar may be too expensive, just compare the price of a representative Jeep and, say, a Porsche Boxster. Even in the fabulous Emirates, you can rent sports car in Dubai for very little money.

Rent a McLaren, Lamborghini, Ferrari, or other brands to make a splash. Moreover, there are hiring companies in almost every city today.

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In truth, the limousine is considered the anti-trend today. However, this option allows young people to take 8-10 people in a car and start the “fun” on the way. The cabin has everything you need for a comfortable and luxurious stay: TV, good sound system, soft drinks, champagne.

The only drawback is the long length, so the route must be thought out in advance to exclude small streets and the likelihood of getting stuck in a traffic jam.

Business-class car

Business-class cars include BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Chrysler, etc. Such cars can emphasize the status of the newlyweds. Small dimensions, when compared with limousines, will not create inconvenience when driving around the city. The presence of air conditioning, soft seats, and other attributes will make it possible to feel the charm of such cars. Choose your preferred Chauffeur Driven Car Hire Service In Dubai.

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If the wedding is planned for the summer, then you can take a convertible, which will allow you to effectively move around the city and appear in style on your own holiday. The main thing is that the weather doesn’t disappoint.

Auto in retro style

A retro car will be appropriate at any wedding and will become an additional object for a photo shoot. Most often, such cars are similar to their retro counterparts only in the exterior, while the interior is made as comfortable as possible, and the suspension is tuned for a smooth and comfortable ride.

If you have chosen a vintage or gangster wedding style, then choose the old Volga, Ford Mustang, or Bentley.

Helpful hints for hiring a wedding car

#1. Before proceeding to view the fleet of companies, clearly determine the amount to pay for rental services. Most often paid every hour, and the cost is determined by the type of transport.

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#2. Get clear answers to all financial questions. Find out what is the minimum car rental time, what is the amount of the prepayment, how much you have to pay for the extension, and the fines for car damage.

#3. The cortege looks great, but if you have gathered more than a dozen guests for your wedding, rent a minibus or even a bus.

#4. Many companies offer a range of additional services: champagne and flowers in cars, drinks, and snacks, rain umbrellas, and sun awnings. As a rule, all this is not just tinsel for appearance, but quite useful things, which you can forget about in the heat of wedding worries. Take a closer look.

#5. Ask the photographer and videographer to shoot directly in and out of the car: despite the usual confusion in these cases, you can get very expressive shots. But for the wedding photo to look more harmonious, the shade of the car should match any detail in the wardrobe of the young.

Hope these tips were useful. Good luck with organising the best wedding ever!

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