Important Decisions: Choosing Your Wedding Colours

Important Decisions - Choosing Your Wedding Colours

“Ding, dong, the bells are gonna chiiiiime…” Well, not without the wedding colours being sorted, they’re not.

If you haven’t thought about the colour theme for your wedding, you’ve got a little work to do.

Picking Your Wedding Colours Is Not As Easy As It Seems

Picking your wedding colours sounds like the most straightforward task of all of the wedding preparations.

It’s actually a difficult decision – especially if you don’t know what you like yet.

Wedding colours are so much more complicated than just choosing two complementary colours and adding balloons to the room.

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Reflect On Your Tastes And Aesthetics

It would help if you reflected on the taste and aesthetics that you want to embody for your wedding day and your reception.

For example, if you are a fan of fluorescent colours, you may choose to tone down the brightness.

You can do this by putting together a neutral colour palette with pops of fluorescence throughout.

Others want to have a palette made up of royal blue and pale grey, with bridesmaids dresses to complement these.

Your Wedding Colours Determine The Outcome Of Your Wedding Photos

The colours that you choose are so important.

They are going to help determine how beautiful your wedding photos are, too.

So, let’s take a look at some tips to help you pick your wedding colours.

Indoor Venues

Take a look at your venue before you choose your colours.

You can check out where the light sits if the venue is indoors.

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The site may already be somewhat decorated, especially if it’s a hotel you’re getting married in. You may just add balloon arches and little touches of your wedding colours.

Outdoor Venues

Outdoor venues are often easier to work with as they have a natural colour palette: fluorescent colours have no place here!


The season shouldn’t dictate your colours, but you may want to choose colours that naturally reflect that time of year.

Mint greens and greys often come up as prettier in the Autumn, while ice blue is a definite Winter wedding colour.

Vibrant tones can overpower the decor, so always choose two to three colours that go together beautifully rather than one deep colour that can’t hold its own.


Colours should be personal to you and your husband-to-be.

You have to pick colours that have a special meaning to you, but mostly, they’ve got to be something on which you both agree.

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This is so important: it’s both your big day and you both deserve some input.

Come to a mutual choice on this one!

Be Careful When Following Trends

Instagram may be in love with palettes of pale pink and muted grey, but that doesn’t mean that you have to be trendy and copy the theme for your wedding.

There are plenty of prominent colour palettes out there that you can also avoid if you don’t want your wedding to follow a trend.

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Show Your Individuality In Your Wedding Colours

You must get the special day that you want, not the same one everyone else has.

Whatever colours you choose, make sure that they make you both happy.

Your vows are essential, and you should be able to remember this day for the rest of your life.

Your wedding colours will project your style as a couple to the world, and as long as you are both happy and settled on colours, that’s what matters the most.

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How to choose your wedding colours

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