Wedding Beauty Regime Tips And Tricks

The First Look

A wedding day usually starts with you looking and feeling beautiful, radiant and flawless. For you to keep that smile glowing throughout the big day, take note of this comprehensive wedding beauty regime.

Constructing The Perfect Wedding Beauty Regime

This is going to be the most memorable day you ever lived, but we know you have so much to plan to make that special day your dream wedding.

You have your venue, catering, flowers, dress, shoes, accessories sorted… phew.

You’ve finalised details with your bridesmaids, planner, cake and table plans.

Now’s the time to focus on your make-up and wedding beauty regime.

This can include:

Firstly, Cut Down On Things That Will Hinder The Progress Of Your Wedding Beauty Regime

Avoid excessive carbohydrates, overdoing your exercises, alcoholic drinks and salty foods a week before the ceremony.

It could cause a puffy face and eyes.

Make Sure To Eat Healthily To Promote Glowing Skin

Avoid overeating or eating processed foods as they could give you bad skin.

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Eating healthily will help you will feel good from the inside, and help you to glow on the outside.

Drink Lots Of Water

By drinking more water, you hydrate yourself, and it helps to flush out impurities from your system.

Now’s Also The Time To Book The Hair And Makeup Trial Runs

Whatever make-up looks and hairstyle you would like for your wedding day, have a test run to ensure that you are happy with the look.

Pro Tip: run farrrr away from artists who do not listen to your ideas!

Take some photos during the trial to see how your makeup and hair will translate both with and without a flash.

Don’t Forget To Think About The Weather And The Location…

For all wedding types, go for a hairstyle that is simple, comfortable, and that allows movement.

If your style is uncomfortable, it will show in your body language, and maybe even your photos.

If you are having a beach wedding, do not go for sleeky styles, as they are likely to become frizzy within seconds.

For both beach and outdoor weddings, adding some flowers would be perfect, and some loose waves.

Start To Think About Sleeping Habits

You might have had a lot of late nights due to busy preparations, which may cause dark eye circles or eye bags.

Thus, ensure that you get enough sleep weeks before the big day.

Now We Have The Basics Down, It’s Time To Plan Your Wedding Facial Beauty Regime

First Step – Cleansing

Get into the habit of using a gentle, exfoliating face wash regularly.

This helps to remove any dead skin cells and leaves your skin glowing.

Afterwards, apply a layer of moisturiser slightly more than you usually use and then allow one hour for it to soak.

Now For The Wedding Beauty Regime Game Changers…

Wedding Beauty Regime Tips And Tricks: Use A Vitamin C Serum

Adopt the use of mild products such as vitamin C + hyaluronic acid serums after gently cleansing and before your normal moisturiser.

If you’re looking for recommendations, we can’t get enough of The Pro Co. range of serums.

Specifically, the amazing Vitamin C & Hyaluronic Acid Serum for use during your day facial routine.

20% Vitamin C Serum formulated using a unique combination of active & natural ingredients to reduce the signs of ageing by helping reduce the appearance of lines, wrinkles, age spots and dull, faded looking skin.

Told you it was amazing!

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But, Don’t Forget Your Eyes!

Wedding Beauty Regime Tips And Tricks: Use An Eye Serum

The Pro Co. have also formulated an incredibly potent eye serum (which is vegan and cruelty free too) called Eye Rescue.

We use this eye serum daily, and it’s simply amazing at brightening tired eyes as well as banishing dark under eye patches.

The extra bonus about The Pro Co. products is that they are packaged in 98% plastic free materials, meaning that you’re doing the earth a favour, as well your skin!

Wind Down At Night With A Good Nighttime Facial Regime

Wedding Beauty Regime Tips And Tricks: Use A Retinol Serum At Night

Use retinol at night to combat multiple signs of ageing.

One that is micro-encapsulated, for deeper skin penetration and extended release is a good move.

Our favourite is The Pro Co. Micro Encapsulated Retinol Face Serum, which fits perfectly into your regime, without causing irritation.

Make Time For A Weekly Skin Treatment

To boost brightness, do a mild at-home skin treatment.

For oily skin, consider a purifying clay mask and for dry skin, try a hydrating sheet mask to moisturise.

Use ingredients that you have used before to avoid nasty skin surprises.

Now You’re Nearing Your Wedding Day It’s Time To Start With…

Hair Removal

If you love waxing or your hair grows fast, get waxed around 72 hours before the big day.

After hair removal, you will need to reduce the redness and swelling, use a calming cream that contains camomile.

How About Your Brows?

Your hired professional can tweeze or wax the stray hairs, and remember to leave a few days between the treatment and your big day.

Leaving some time makes sure any possible swelling or irritation has subsided.

Get One Last Haircut

Now’s a perfect time to make one last visit to the salon, for a quick trim, conditioning treatment or slight colour tweaks.

Pro Tip: don’t go mad with the colour just before your big day!

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This means your hair will look tidy and healthy for your wedding day, and will give the hairstylist their best chance of creating your dream wedding hairdo.

Spray Tan?

If you want to tan your skin, do it two days before the nuptials.

This extra time allows the tan to look more natural, and for any streaks (yikes!) to wear off.

Relax With A Manicure & Pedicure

Since you determined with the nail tech the perfect colour long ago during the trials, use gel polish to avoid cracks and chips on your special day.

Gel polish should last you through your honeymoon and beyond.

Eyelash Extensions

A great move for an emotional day is to use lash extensions, because they will not rub off should you cry.

If you worry about an adverse reaction to your eyes, the lashes can be attached three weeks earlier, to provide the chance of adjusting the length and volume nearer the time.

On The Big Day – Time To Feel The Benefits Of Your Wedding Beauty Regime!

Now it’s your big day, and it’s time to reap the benefits of your wedding beauty routine.

You’ve cleansed, toned moisturised and pampered to your hearts content, and now it’s time to relax and feel amazing.


Chose a scent that will spark the memories of the wedding day for years to come.

It might be a special one that you were wearing when you and your spouse first met, or it might be one you’ve been gifted.

Don’t Forget A Setting Spray

Vintage / second hand 30s wedding dress

It is the saviour of the day.

Trust me!

I pretty much cried my face off during my wedding, and my makeup was gone!

A setting spray will help your make-up to look fresh and last through the sweat and tears of the big day.


Pay attention to your t-zone area, as it tends to get shiny under the lights and going in and out of the wedding venue for photos and greeting guests.

Do some light powder touch-ups for you and your bridesmaids between photos.

Some Extra Wedding Beauty Regime Hints And Tips

  1. Prep and set your hair three hours before the ceremony.
  2. Eat breakfast rich in proteins to give you the long-lasting energy you need.
  3. Get your make-up done 45 minutes before the ceremony.
  4. Moisturise your body, hands and feet for glowing skin.
  5. Attach your headpiece 30 minutes before.
  6. Have your make-up touched up 15 minutes before leaving the house/venue.
  7. Apply perfume.
  8. Have a clutch bag to hold some of your essentials like powder, tampons, perfume, breath mints, or lip balm, and have your Bridesmaids keep hold of it.
  9. Have some ‘me time’ and then walk out for your big day.

While it may feel that most of the above seem common sense, during the wedding day common sense can go out of the window!

Therefore, spare enough time for your wedding day prep and let your friends help.

So now’s your time to get organised, stay calm and have the most beautiful day at your very special event.

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