Wearing Glasses to Your Wedding: Tips for Styling Your Bridal Specs

Wearing Glasses to Your Wedding: Tips for Styling Your Bridal Specs

There’s a lot that goes into crafting your perfect wedding look. You’ll want to think of your aesthetic—if you wish to adorn yourself like a fairytale princess or pull off a more low-key and subtle ensemble. There are also current bridal trends you’ll want to consider, such as the fashion of wearing deconstructed bridal clothes or slipping into a pair of trousers for an edge of bold elegance.

Then there’s the matter of your eyewear. If you’re a bespectacled bride, you’ll need to contemplate whether to wear don glasses on your wedding day. If you’re undecided on the matter, read on for an overview of the issue and tips if you decide to wear your specs.

Should you wear glasses to your wedding?

There are good points on either side of the argument about whether you should don specs during your wedding day. On one hand, many brides leave them out because they want to emphasise their natural beauty or prefer not to risk their specs going askew during the first kiss or wedding dance. However, wearing glasses might mean you get to look like yourself during your wedding ceremony—the person your spouse fell in love with. You’ll also likely be more comfortable and avoid the risk of eye infection from wearing contact lenses. Ultimately, the choice is up to you. However, if you do decide to wear your glasses during your nuptials, here are a few tips to look your best.

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How brides can style themselves with glasses

Choose flattering frames

Your wedding day is one of the milestone events in your life. Because of that, you may want to switch out your everyday glasses for something a little grander. Finding your perfect fit may take a few attempts, much like seeking out a wedding dress. If you’re too busy with wedding preparations to pop by your optician, why not try on glasses at home? The best online optical shops will have free home trials, where they’ll send you the frames you want to try so you can get a feel for their fit, weight, and size before purchasing. This feature tends to be paired with next-day delivery and straightforward return processes, so you can speedily try numerous styles for your ideal wedding specs. Be sure to pick ones that make you feel like a classy, confident bride.

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Integrate your glasses with your other bridal accessories

Ensure your glasses match your other bridal accessories for a fully cohesive look. For example, if your specs are thick and bold, you may want to choose more modest jewellery pieces. Conversely, if you pick thin wire frames for your glasses, you can get away with ornate earrings or a necklace. You’ll also want to bring along your specs when fitting your wedding veil, especially if you need to examine how it could affect the silhouette of a blusher wedding veil or if you’re considering a birdcage wedding veil that could further accentuate your eyes. Remember to let all your finery harmonise.

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Coordinate your makeup to complement your specs

When planning your bridal makeup, you’ll want to remember that glasses draw attention to specific points of your face. For example, because of your frames’ outline, people will naturally be more drawn to look at your eyebrows—so you’ll want to ensure that they’re appropriately groomed, shaped, and tinted. Applying light-reflecting under-eye concealer might be helpful, too, as your glasses can cast shadows on your face.

You’ll, of course, want to pay extra attention to your eyes. In general, neutral eyeshadow shades like brown and beige are best since wearing them won’t clash with your frames. You can still make your eyes pop with some eyeliner and mascara. Additionally, to balance your focal points, you can opt to wear glamorous red lipstick in the style of Bouche Mordue or Ombré. Planned well, you’ll be able to craft a sophisticated makeup look your glasses will only accentuate.

Whether you wear your glasses to your wedding is your decision. If you decide to don your beautiful spectacles, follow the above tips to look like your best bridal self.

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