Unusual Facts about Eternity Rings

Unusual Facts about Eternity Rings

Eternity rings are a common item of jewellery that men give to their partners or spouses to commemorate a special occasion, such as the birth of a child. A precious metal setting, which comprises the ring, is frequently embellished with several diamonds cut in the same way. This consistency is why eternity rings are a timeless emblem of eternal love.

While the purpose for giving an eternity ring to a loved one has changed in recent years, where did eternity rings come from? We’ll share ten fascinating facts regarding eternity rings.

Love’s Blood Vein

Eternity bands are worn alongside or instead of wedding and engagement rings in various cultures. It is usually the third finger from the thumb on the left hand. Why do we put rings on our left hand’s third finger? The custom is considered to have originated in Ancient Egypt when. Although this is not scientifically verified, it has established a long-standing custom, with the ring finger being referred to as “the vein of love” on occasion.

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Skilled Jeweller

The significance and sentimental worth of eternity rings are some of the reasons why they are so popular. Because of their complicated design, only the most competent jewellers can manufacture them effectively; their worth is viewed as a highly crucial aspect.

Because they’re so tough to resize, the dimensions competent jewellers must deal with are much more exact, requiring even more exquisite workmanship.

They usually require a team of jewelry design specialists to focus on specific parts of the ring to ensure that the band precisely matches the diamonds, which must fit precisely within the ridges.

They’re also tricky to resize, so the measurements skilled jewellers must work with are even more precise, with more reliance on expert artisanship.

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Commemorate A Variety Of Occasions

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer for whether it’s the ideal time to gift your loved one an eternity ring, whether you’ve been married for a year or a decade. When buying an eternity ring for a loved one after the birth of their first child, it’s customary to include the kid’s birthstone in the ring as well. Combining gemstones with diamonds is said to enhance the ring’s emotion.

The Popularity Of Precision Set Rings

Precision setting of diamonds is becoming more common than not in the jewellery business. It implies that the diamonds are placed in the ring using a machine to guarantee a faultless finish and total consistency.

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The claw setting, commonly known as the prong, is the most common diamond ring setting. Because claw settings maximize the number of angles from which light may bounce off the stone, this is the case. The most popular diamond shape and cut is a round brilliant-cut diamond.

The Era’s Trends

Today’s celebrity engagements would suggest that the larger the stone, the better the ring when it comes to the diamond’s size. It was not always the case, though. Mel Ferrer of the United States proposed to Audrey Hepburn in 1954 with a thin platinum eternity ring studded with baguette-cut diamonds in a channel setting.

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