Unique Wedding Ideas: Ferris Wheels, Dodgems, A Coconut Shy? Oh My!

1. Hire A Ferris Wheel To Give Wedding Guests Beautiful Views For Miles – That’s Surely Got To Be One Of The Best Wedding Ideas?

Have you spent hours on the internet admiring other couple’s unique wedding ideas and wished your wedding reflected such creativity.

Nowadays, some weddings can become events where couples are trying to outdo each other with uniqueness and creativity.

Wedding panning is almost becoming a competition to be winners of the wedding of the century!

Try These Unique Wedding Ideas For Size…

Despite the competition to win the best wedding award amongst your friends and family, most people do want their weddings to be a fun reflection of themselves.

So, below are some authentic and unique wedding ideas to light up your wedding that most others will not have thought of…

1. Hire A Ferris Wheel To Give Wedding Guests Beautiful Views For Miles – That’s Surely Got To Be One Of The Best Wedding Ideas?

Unique Wedding Ideas: Ferris Wheels, Dodgems, Bumper Cars, Oh My!

Rock your wedding and make it as entertaining as possible; ever thought about Ferris Wheel hire?

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The answer is most likely “probably not…” but think about the funfairs you used to go to…

Ferris wheels bring the ultimate fun and memorable moments at every event, and you can’t beat that for one of the most unique wedding ideas!

You can choose between a traditional ferris wheel or modern ferris wheel to bring a wonderful twist to your wedding.

Depending on the number of people attending, you may consider getting either a small or large ferris wheel.

The large ferris rides people to a height of 35 meters – can you imagine the amazing views?

Ferris Wheels are easy to set up when you hire from competent and experienced providers like Eddy Leisure.

2. Budget For Dodgems And Create Memorable Photos

Budget For Dodgems Hire And Create Memorable Photos

Many people dream of creating a funfair or festival vibe for spring and summer weddings.

Adding the thrilling experience of dodgems to your wedding event is an amazingly unique wedding planning idea.

Not only do dodgems, aka bumper cars, entertain your wedding guests of all ages, but they also provide an amazing backdrop for photography.

Imagine looking back on your brilliantly colourful, fun and vibrant wedding photos and reminiscing about the crazy dodgems ride!

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Just make sure you steer away from your new mother in law rather than bump into her as to get off on the right foot 😉

Bumper cars are the ultimate fun at every wedding. They make your photo album colourful with amazing photos that will forever remind you of your wedding day.

For dodgems hire consider the modern and traditional versions, and decide which would suit your theme the best.

3. Think About Your Younger Guests To Avoid Tears, Tantrums and Tension!

Unique Wedding Ideas - Think About The Younger Guests

Creating a play area for your younger guests, and making it as unique and engaging as possible is the best idea.

Kids can either love or hate weddings, and usually will be struck with every emotion possible during the day.

To counteract tantrums, tiredness and tension, think about kids carefully.

As well as the funfair ideas above, fill a table with activity packs such as crayons and sweets for the little kids.

Ensure the play area has balloons, board games, and toys to keep the children entertained.

As well as the super fun area, create a nice little quiet area where kids can relax when they get overtired and overstimulated.

Add cushions, blankets, books and quiet games so that they can unwind when you’re trying to party and enjoy the wedding.

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Better still, hire a couple of nannys to babysit your younger guests so older guests can relax for a while!

Making sure an adult is watching over kids is a must as to avoid accidents, but you’ll be thanked by parents no end for creating a safe and fun place for their children to play whilst they let their hair down.

4. Engage Your Wedding Guests With Traditional Funfair Games

Engage Your Wedding Guests With Traditional Funfair Games - Coconut Shy

During the down times of a wedding schedule, why not fill the gaps with some traditional funfair stalls?

Pitch the best man against the head usher as they go head to head at the coconut shy.

The bride and groom’s mothers can see who is stronger on the strikers – what a memory to create!

Why not include a ‘hook the duck’ stall and have your guests win drink tickets or just glory?!

Which Of These Unique Wedding Ideas Will You Incorporate?

Which Of These Unique Wedding Ideas Will You Incorporate? Sparklers

Whether you’re looking at planning a vibrant, colourful and memorable wedding event, or a more traditional affair, these unique wedding ideas have your back.

Think about your younger wedding guest’s welfare by creating a lovely space for kids to play and rest.

Create a wonderful, fun photograph backdrop by hiring dodgems or bumper cars for everyone to enjoy.

Cast stunning views by providing your guests a free trip to the clouds on a ferris wheel.

Think about hiring traditional funfair stalls and games such as a coconut shy, or a vintage shooting range.

Whatever you choose, your wedding should be a reflection of your and your loved one’s personalities, and really, it’s entirely about marrying the one you love.

But, there’s no harm in having a bit of fun too 😉

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Unique Wedding Ideas

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