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Planning an Easter wedding in 2024/25

Some newly engaged couples love the idea of planning a wedding, but others couldn’t dread it more. As exciting as it is to get the ball rolling on what is going to be the best day of your life, there’s nothing worse than the stress that can come with it. Planning a wedding is often more than just planning a big do with all your friends and family, some couples see it as the kick-off to their new life. 

From the wedding venue to the shoes, the limousine transportation, and the favours, a wedding is a big deal and that means you need to make some big decisions. Not only are these decisions going to be budgetary, but they’re going to be immortalised in photograph and video form. So, it makes sense that you would want to get this right the first time. With this in mind, here are some specific wedding planning tips that you need to ensure that the whole thing goes off without a hitch.

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Plan and stick to your budget

The chances are very high that you are not made of money, which means that you need to think about exactly what it means to set a wedding budget. Your budget is going to serve you while you are planning an event because if you know what you’d like to allocate in each area of your wedding, you’re going to have far more success with the whole thing. sit together and decide on what your budget should be and go from there. Your budget will also determine if you can hire a black car service for you and your guests.

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Create a wedding vision board

You can use Pinterest or Instagram or even wedding-related blogs to help you to craft a vision board based on your wedding. There are some mediums that will help you to do this more than others, but with the right wedding planning ideas you’re going to be able to have a much better idea of your chosen theme. It also helps you if you can make a list of all of the correct vendors for each item so that you know who to approach.

Don’t plan it on your own

As much as you are excited about planning your wedding, you shouldn’t be planning it by yourself; Your fiance does need to be involved. This event is for both of you, and you need to be able to agree on everything so you both have the day that you want. Your plans are going to kick off your married life together, and you don’t want to do that at odds.

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Create your own wedding checklist

What’s the most important thing to you for your wedding day? Once you know what that is, write it down. Having a checklist can make you feel far more organised, and that can make you feel like your wedding is going to be a successful and happy and easy day. From the catering to the venue, the music to the invitations, it can help you to know exactly what you want and when you should be doing it. Weddings need to follow a timeline so that everything can be organised and come together to perfection.

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