To veil, or not to veil – that is the question

Picking out a wedding dress is tough enough, but then you need to consider all the accessories – the shoes, belts, jewellery, flowers, tiaras, lingerie – it can all get quite overwhelming! But there’s one item of your wedding attire that will have a huge impact on your whole look so it’s important to decide on it early on – do you want to wear a veil or not.

At the end of the day, every bride is unique and should wear something that not only makes them feel their best, but also communicates their personality. There are pros and cons to adding a veil to your wedding outfit, so let’s consider what having a veil might mean for you:


Veils are extremely elegant and beautiful. They can give an almost old-world, ethereal look to a bride and coupled with a tiara or head dress, is the ultimate mark of a princess – which is arguably how a bride wants to look on the most important day of her life. 


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The concept of a veil can be seen as quite outdated. Between concealing the face and wearing white for virginity, a veil can be a symbol of gender stereotypes and the imbalance of power in a marriage. So going old school may not always send the right message – especially to your spouse-to-be.


The right chosen veil can be extremely flattering. They almost become an extension of both your hair and your dress and can come in many different sizes and styles, so it’s easy to pick out one that suits any type of wedding dress, figure and complexion. Also, if you’re going for a more simple dress, the addition of a veil can instantly elevate the overall style and make the look more special.


Veils can be quite impractical. If the ceremony will be outside, factors like wind, grass or heat can make having a veil quite the pain to deal with. Depending on the length, they can also be downright impossible when it comes to the reception and afterparty, so the best thing to do will be to remove it. So is it worth going to all that trouble when you will only wear it for a few minutes?

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If you have thin or short hair and are thus limited in the kind of hairstyles you can have for your wedding, a veil is the perfect tool to zhuzh up any hairdo. It can help to create a more flattering neckline, frame your face and give your hairstyle more volume.


Incorporating a veil into your hair styling might mean that when it comes time to removing it, your carefully crafted hairdo might get ruined! 


A veil can be a very special item to pass down as a family heirloom. Passing down dresses is far more tricky – different people have different figures, and styles become outdated or inappropriate, so it can be difficult to alter an old garment, not to mention a shame. But a veil is pretty much universal and will require next to no alterations to be enjoyed for many generations.

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A veil can be a pretty costly accessory and if the plan is to take a few nice photos and then take it off, it can be a big chunk of money for something you won’t even get to enjoy that much. You can rent veils, but of course, by definition, these are very delicate materials. If somebody steps on it and rips it, or spills red wine all over it, it will not only not be returnable, but it’s almost impossible to fix such delicate fabric and you’ll be stuck with something that can never be used again.

As the fabulous Edna Mode might say – no capes! But at the end of the day, it’s down to each individual bride. You may wish to keep things simple or go all out extravagant – so whether you veil it up or not, as long as it feels right to you – go for it. 

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