Tips for Planning a Tipi Wedding

Tips for Planning a Tipi Wedding

A Tipi Wedding is a unique option for those who want to make their special day rather extraordinary. This is a great outdoor event filled with many natural elements like the beautiful scenery of nature, making a whole new romantic experience. Tipi weddings can be held at the site of your choice which can include a beautiful garden to hills or forests.

One of the biggest reasons that you should go for choosing this option for your big day is that you get to decorate your own venue just like you want to. You can completely let your own personality reflect the details of this magical day. Be it fair lights or fire pits, this wedding decor can perfectly reflect how you imagine your love story to be.

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Following are a few tips that you may need to consider for planning a Tipi Wedding


Your Budget may be the first and foremost thing that you would need to work out before you make any other plans. Your plans should clearly include the cost of your Tipi structure, decor, guests, food list and everything else that you might need to cover on this occasion.


The guest list is of course equally important considering it will ultimately dictate the space you might need and your food budget as well.

The Venue

Getting the right venue for yourself is of course very much important as what makes a Tipi wedding different from a normal wedding is the site itself. You need to look for a suitable venue with a complete tipi package of your own convenience. For this purpose, you can obviously look for recommendations from your peers or even from the internet. The venue is also going to be the decisive factor for the kind of tents that you may need. Larger tents or underground services may require larger and flatter land. This includes keeping facilities like toilets and generators into account as well.

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Furniture and Decor

The next important thing is to work out the perfect decor that fits the theme. You may need to decide on what kind of furniture you would need around and moreover what kind of decoration are you looking forward to. This is the part that you can especially personalize according to your own tastes and there are a million ways to do this. There are of course professional companies that tend to provide you readymade packages for your Tipi wedding but you can always go with your own personalized concepts.

Plan for bad weather

Lastly, you need to take the weather under consideration for your outdoor wedding plans. However, even if you have checked on the weather plan, things may not always go accordingly. The best you can do for this is to make the most of your outdoor props like seasonal flowers or inner tent decorations so that your party can go both outdoor and indoor at the same time.

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While an outdoor wedding is a really unique concept, it wouldn’t work well as a surprise. If you are arranging a Tipi wedding then it is best to let your guests know about what they should be expecting. This can allow them to have a grasp over what they can and cannot wear or what kind of accommodation they will have to adapt to. Lastly, you need to relax back and not fret over every little detail. If needed you can seek help to plan your event perfectly and just simply enjoy every bit of things while you relax.

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