A Brief Guide for First-Time Bridesmaids – How to Throw a Hen Party Like a Pro

How to Organise the Perfect Bachelorette Party

If this is your first time being asked to throw a hen party as the bridesmaid for your bestie’s wedding, naturally, you will feel overwhelmed with both joy and excitement.

As a bridesmaid, there is nothing better than to watch your best friend walk up the aisle and marry her soulmate and the person who has been the love of her life.

Before the grand wedding day, however, will need to do some planning since you will be in charge of throwing the hen party. This will serve as an exceptional send-off to the soon bride-to-be before she gets legally married and turns into a wife. Read on to learn more about essential things to keep in mind if you want to throw a hen party like a pro!

How to Throw a Hen Party Like a Pro

Know Your Budget

You cannot plan without setting out an initial budget. A perfect hen party requires effective pricing and budgeting, all while keeping an eye on any last-minute expenses that may crop up. Understandably, if you are a first-time bridesmaid, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with emotions and be enticed to add a few extras for the party.

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For effective budgeting of the hen party, we recommend that you break each activity of the planned day and put the cash for each activity in separate envelopes. This will ensure that everything is well-prepared in advance and you can enjoy yourself and have peace of mind as the party unfolds.

While it is a good idea to rely on professional hen planners, such as Flock, you would want to limit your financial worries by asking all guests and par-takers to pay for any activities in advance.

When it comes to budgeting and financing the hen party, we also advise that you have a contingency plan, just in case.

Plan Timely!

Depending on how many gals are invited to the hen party they all will be looking towards you, the event planner, for directions on the given day. This is why you need to plan everything in a timely manner and schedule all activities by noting them on your tablet, smartphone, or a simple piece of paper.

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Trust us when we tell you that the simple outline of locations, activities, and timings will give you loads of peace and ensure that everyone is on the same page, especially when people are joining the event at different times of the hen party.

While you are scheduling the event, you may also need to focus on sorting out the transport as well. Believe it or not but, this is one of the most difficult and often forgotten aspects of planning a hen do. As you sort out the transport from one spot to another, ensure that the transportation costs are included in the original costs that you conveyed to those that are attending.

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Not only will this cut out any doubts and confusions that people might have regarding where they need to be at a given time, it will also minimise the risk of losing any of the hens. Not to mention that you will garner much appreciation from all attending guests about the all-inclusive cost.

Get Everyone Talking!

As the perfect host, you should look after everyone with an ice-breaker. For instance, you could ask all gals to bring their favourite photograph of themselves with the potential bride. Then, ask everyone to share their personal story about the photograph. This will serve as the perfect ice-breaker and give everyone a chance to get to know one another.

Understandably, all eyes will be on the bride-to-be, but since you are the perfect host, you have to look after everyone too. There is a good chance that most guests might already be acquaintances, but some guests only know the lady of the hour, which is why you need to look after everyone and make everyone feel included and an essential part of the hen party.

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