The perfect winter photoshoot

When it comes to the happiest occasion of your life, you’re going to want plenty of photo evidence to remember it, but why wait til the big day? Getting engaged is super exciting, so why not treat yourself to a photoshoot to mark this first step of the wedding journey as well. And it needn’t be purely self-indulgent – although, why not? – you can use these photos for two very important pieces of correspondence – your Save the Dates and your Invitations! Instead of agonising over calligraphy or illustrations or borders, turn your best shots into a card! Whatever time of year you’re getting married, why not do this photoshop during winter? The limitation of doing a professional photoshoot NOT during your wedding is that you won’t be wearing the dress, nor the tux, and you won’t be at your stunning venue yet – but that’s why it’s great to take advantage of the seasons – and snow is nature’s ultimate decoration. 

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The one good thing about weddings taking ages to plan is that you’ll have plenty of time to pick the days when the weather is most cooperative. After all, the UK can’t guarantee snow in winter or sun in summer on the big day, so play the odds by booking last minute or make an arrangement with a photographer to set aside some time when that first snow finally falls. Alternatively, take your photos while on holiday. Hopefully, between the proposal and the wedding, you’ll have time for a getaway, even if it’s just a simple romantic weekend at a local bed & breakfast, but you’ll have a much more picturesque setting. 

When it comes to a winter photoshoot, there are a few useful things to remember. First, since you won’t be in a thin wedding dress and dainty heels, you can actually wrap up warm for the occasion. Plus, this is a great excuse to rock your best knitwear, cosy scarves, stylish hats and cute mittens. But do remember that, by hook or by crook, you will start to get chilly. So try to think of what poses and compositions you’d like BEFORE you step out into the snow. Browse some winter photoshoots online for inspiration and discuss this with your photographer so they can help guide you. On the subject of photographers, make sure you book one that knows how to operate in cold weather. There are quite a few issues to consider when photographing at extreme temperatures, so ideally you’ll want someone who’s had experience with this and has all the appropriate equipment. Another advantage of shooting in winter is that most places will be decorated for Christmas or Diwali, so you can set your shots in a pre-made “grotto”! If you’re the adventurous type and want higher chances of snowfall, then why not go on a bit of a hike to higher ground. Go up Mount Snowdon or the Scottish Highlands, the Shetland Islands or Copley in County Durham. 

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For something a bit more quirky, Ice bars have become increasingly more popular, as have a pop-up “igloo restaurants”. While the legendary IceBar London has closed, there is a new icey experience set to open in Skegness, or if you’re willing to go a bit further afield, check out some of the best ice bars in Europe. Alternatively, you could also have an awesome photoshoot at an ice sculpture exhibition or indoor winter sports venues!

The success of this photoshoot could even inspire you to make your invitations a four-season affair, and you could repeat the fun process: make the most of Autumn’s gorgeous colours, woodland blooms in the Spring and maybe a trip to the beach on the 2 days of summer we’ll get!

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