The perfect hen party gift bag

Bachelorette parties are jolly good fun, but they can be a rather expensive and arduous experience for everyone involved, especially past a certain age. Between taking time off work, saving up for the travel and accommodation and any additional events (which not everyone might be into) and making small talk with people they might not have met before – it’s a sacrifice you ask of your best guys and gals to be happy for you. Not to mention the usual tradition of covering the bride-to-be’s costs as well.

To that end, it would be lovely to give your hen party attendees a little gift bag as a token of appreciation. It may be too costly and too much of a hassle to get everyone a personal gift, so it’s best to buy some universal essentials that everyone will enjoy. We’ve come up with the quintessential list of items you should put in your hen party gift bag:

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People inevitably forget things, so why not make sure that everyone has those creature comforts they can’t do without. Hair ties, mini deodorant and perfume, lip balm and hand cream are great choices – plus, you can easily bulk buy sets of minis or load up on samples. Pocket size wet wipes are also a good choice, so you can freshen up on the go!


Hen parties can get pretty messy, so make sure your entourage has everything they need to survive the weekend. A packet of tissues, plasters, painkillers and maybe Berocca or Alka-seltzer for the morning after. And maybe some anti bac as well – depending on the cleanliness of the establishments you visit. Also, if your hen party is going to be abroad – treat everyone to an adapter for the country you’re travelling to.

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Something sweet

Who doesn’t love sugar? You can get mini boxes of chocolates or gummy bears or if you know your friends’ favourite indulgences you can give everyone their own individual treat. Better yet, get those chocolates with a booze centre, to help get the party going! Sweet can also mean emotionally – a hen party is about being silly and having fun, so why not get some soap bubbles or novelty props for everyone to play with. 

Something useful!

If you don’t want to get a bunch of “stocking fillers” and would rather opt for one gift – then make it something that everyone will really appreciate. Phone chargers always get lost, stolen or damaged so you could get all your hens a spare charger for their devices. If weather might be an issue, you plan on doing outdoorsy activities or you’re going somewhere muddy, why not get everyone their own sturdy umbrella and/or a pair of wellies! It’ll help them enjoy the trip and they can keep it for future use. 

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Lastly, remember your manners!

It would be super sweet to add a little thank you card for all your guests. It’s polite but also – not everyone winds up having the best time at hen parties, so it’s good to show your appreciation for their effort. As a fun bonus, why not create a shared online photo album and add a link so everyone can upload their evidence of the debaucheries to enjoy for years to come – and maybe even feature at the wedding as a naughty surprise! Maybe not of the Naked Butlers though…    

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