The Meaning of Rings on Particular Fingers

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Since time immemorial, rings have signified a multitude of meanings. They have symbolized everything from fidelity, devotion, power, and marriage to the position of a priest. 

Nevertheless, in recent times, rings get used in relationships and represent love, respect, and matrimony between two individuals. They get used in and for wedding ceremonies and engagements. Some people may also get matching rings as a symbol of eternal friendship, promise, and trust. 

However, rings in different fingers of each hand can depict diverse meanings as set by society. Although the design and look of the object may mean something else, the overall symbolisation may remain the same in most cases. 

Let us see a few meanings behind a ring on a particular finger. 

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Left Pinky Finger

A ring on the pinky finger of the left hand generally indicates either of the two meanings. It can signify marital status or involvement in or connection to the mafia. Out of the two, the former is the more prominent and pronounced meaning used worldwide. 

These rings can be ornate or plain-looking. They may or may not have a gemstone. In most cases, they have more than one colour. 

Left Ring Finger

Reserved precisely for a ring as the name suggests, the left ring finger gets used for engagement and wedding jewellery. In official wedding ceremonies, the exchange of rings and putting them on the left ring finger represents the union of the two individuals as bride and groom, groom and groom, or bride and bride. Although the left pinky also has a similar purpose, the most chosen finger is the left ring finger. 

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Overall, a ring on the left ring finger represents engagement, romance, and marital status. Moissanite rings are a perfect choice for this occasion as they offer so many great options.

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Rings on this finger have a flashy appearance that matches their use in the auspicious event. They typically have a large or moderately sized gemstone or stones and get adorned with various craftworks on the bands. 

Right Pinky Finger

In some cultures, rings on the right pinky finger symbolise a professional status. Some individuals wear a pinky ring to represent graduation from streams like engineering, medical, ecology, and so on with a degree. It acts as a symbol of success or achievements of long-set goals. 

The rings on this finger generally have a very simplistic design and a solid colour. It is primarily gets composed of brass, iron, stainless steel, copper, silver, or any other metal or alloy. 

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Thumb and Middle Finger

The thumb and middle fingers of both hands get used for rings of religious significance in some ethnicities. They may be for good luck, job security, marriage prospects, safety and health, and many other beliefs. Although these rings do not proffer the said benefits, they provide their wearer with psychological assurance.

Such rings are mainly brown or grey with a red, yellow, green, or brown gemstone. In almost all variants, they have a thick band with no additional designs.

Other Fingers

Although some people may follow particular norms, rings worn on the other fingers generally do not depict anything explicitly special. They can act as a fashion statement or promise rings. 

Unlike the set fingers, the other fingers can have more than one ring worn on them and that too, frequently.

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