Stylish Wedding Dress Cover-up Options

Stylish Wedding Dress Cover-up Options

The wedding dress is a big deal for every bride. Naturally, you want it to look and fit perfectly on you. Besides the accessories like veils, tiaras, and belts, a cover-up is another piece you may want to add to your dress. Here are various reasons why you may want to consider wearing a cover-up:

  • Stay warm if the weather is cold
  • Make the gown look more customised or unique
  • Make the dress look more conservative, especially in a traditional church wedding
  • Change your look between wedding and reception
  • Have a slightly different look on the photoshoot before the wedding

If you decide to have a cover-up, there are several options to choose from that will match your style.

Fur faux or woven shawl

This type of shawl is thick, making it perfect for a winter wedding. It will keep you warm and comfortable throughout the ceremony while still ensuring that you are in style. In addition, these shawls look glamorous, so you will not sacrifice the elegant vibe you are after.

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Chiffon shawl

If the wedding takes place in the summer, and you want something to cover your bare shoulders, a chiffon shawl is a perfect cover-up. Like the fur faux and woven shawl, it also doesn’t sacrifice the style, as it brings a fashionable feel. Moreover, since it’s lightweight and flowy, you will still feel fresh even with the cover.

Feather topper

If you want something over the top or you’re into Hollywood glam, you cannot go wrong with a feather topper. Ask your makeup artist about what you are after to complete that classic Hollywood glam look. If you don’t have one yet, has an extensive list of suppliers specialising in wedding services, including makeup. Some can even help with your cover-up and other accessories.

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Lace or tulle shawl

Lace and tulle are on the traditional side. If you want something to cover your shoulders, they add subtle coverage. These are ideal for conservative wedding venues. After the ceremony, you can remove the cover-up at the wedding reception. It’s also a convenient way to change the look between wedding and reception without changing into a completely different dress. Some of these cover-ups look like they are incorporated with the dress, while others are bolero style that you can easily remove and put back.

Denim or leather jacket

Denim and leather jackets may not be something that comes to mind when you think of a wedding dress. However, if you want something unique and you are into denim or leather jackets, there’s no reason you can’t wear one. Wear it at the wedding reception to make your look casual and fun. Of course, your partner can wear it too. Some couples even customise their jacket and put the words “Bride and Groom” at the back, or the words “Mr. and Mrs.”

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Sequin cover-up

Sequin is a sure way to look fabulous and stylish. It can make even the simplest wedding dress shine, and you as the bride will surely be the star. Like the lace or tulle cover-up, it can also look like it’s incorporated into the dress. You may also go for one like a bolero or sweater that you can put on and off conveniently.


If you want something dramatic, a cape will make you look like a queen or a goddess, depending on your chosen material. Faux fur is an excellent way to look like royalty, while tulle and anything flowy will give an ethereal feel.

Fit your cover-up and dress together to make sure that they look good when combined. Then, have a makeup trial wearing the entire ensemble to decide on your final look. 

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