Quirky Wedding Ideas For A Kooky Couple

Quirky Wedding Ideas For A Kooky Couple

Have you recently become engaged and are now eager to start planning your big day? Congrats! Do you want to veer away from the common and generic, and seek quirky wedding ideas? We’ve got you!

While a church wedding was a delight for your friends, and your sister adored a traditional wedding breakfast, do you fancy something a little more kooky?

This is the post for you! Read on…

Unique Wedding Ideas For A Quirky Couple

You can use all the bridal magazines you like to inspire the happiest day of your life but to make it special, you need to add your personality to your wedding.

To your venue, your reception, your vows, your catering, and your dress.

Take a look at these inspirational quirky wedding ideas for the more kooky couple.

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Quirky Wedding Venue Ideas

Polhawn Fort Quirky Wedding Venue

If you don’t fancy a church or a register office, you need to think outside the box.

Luckily, you can get married pretty much anywhere these days.

When considering how to choose the perfect wedding venue, think about your dating days.

If you have your first date at the movies and you head to the cinema every week, an arthouse cinema can be the perfect venue where you can say ‘I do.’

The art deco styling of the more niche 1920s screens is a great backdrop for a ceremony.

You might whip up a photo collage of your relationship on the big screen to welcome your guests.

You might utilise the cinema seating aisle to walk down. And you could use the Dolby surround sound to play your music. 

Alternatively, if you fancy an outdoor wedding, think about getting married on a beach or in a garden setting.

Castles, forts, hotels, halls, and stately homes now have outdoor areas that could be perfect for the couple who wants to say their vows in the glorious British sunshine.

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Unique And Yummy Catering Ideas

Unusual Personalised Wedding Favours | Realwedding.co.uk

If you want something a little more informal for your wedding catering, go for a buffet.

You don’t have to go retro with vol-au-vents and cheese and pineapple sticks though.

Opt for a themed buffet such as a Tex-Mex grill, or a Tudor-themed banquet buffet, or opt for some plant-based finger food.

If you are vegan, don’t try to cater for your meat-eating carnivorous guests.

This is your big day and you can afford to be a little selfish.

The only things you must think about are dietary requirements or food intolerances.

If you are thinking about a wedding cake, forget about the traditional and heavy three-tiered fruit cake.

Instead, go for a novelty cake full of your favourite sponges.

Red velvet, pina colada, and bubblegum sponges (erm, YUM!) are different and will make for a memorable day.

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Candid Wedding Photography

Quirky and candid wedding photography

Formal shots are no longer the more favourable style for most couples.

More candid and documentary-style photography allows for a less stressful day.

You won’t have to cater for those guests waiting around for hours because they are waiting for all of the posed shots outside of the venue to be completed.

A photographer will linger in the background and go unnoticed on the day.

You won’t even know that they are there.

When you open your wedding album after returning home from your honeymoon you will be surprised at those unseen moments that have been captured.

Unique Wedding Ideas In Summary

If you like to stand out from the crowd, and are keen to create a memorable wedding, then think outside the favour box!

Forget about going for the generic and traditional wedding ideas, and opt for something out of the ordinary for your big day!

A wedding that reflects your personality is so much more enjoyable and personal and will be remembered by guests forever.

What quirky wedding ideas have you got up your sleeve?

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Quirky Wedding Ideas For A  Kooky Couple

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