Printable Wedding Reception Planner

This is the exciting bit! Venue & wedding reception shopping followed by lots of champagne, giggles and planning!

Your dream wedding venue is just a few steps away. If you’re like me, you’ll have been dreaming of your reception venue for the longest time. Use our lovely Wedding Reception Planner to help you make the best venue choice for your dream wedding!

What kind of venue are you looking for? Is your wedding a chilled and relaxed vibe? How about the size of your wedding party, is it big or small? Do you want some outside elements to your venue? Will the location be local or are you going to jet off?

Whatever your dream wedding, you can note down and compare everything with our Reception Planner & Guide.

It’s easy to print this for your wedding folder, or keep a version on your phone and/or laptop so you can take it to every venue visit, compare notes and update as you go. You can share it with your bridal party and family and get everyone’s opinions. You can even log those opinions, ideas and extras within your planner. How useful is that!?

This Reception Planner includes:

  • Reception Venue Details
    • Including: Type of venue
    • Services provided
    • Why you LOVE that venue
  • Venue layout
  • Schedule
  • Questions to Ask – very important for newly engaged couples who feel a bit overwhelmed!
  • Entrance & Exit details
  • Speeches
  • Traditions
  • Notes & Extras