Printable Wedding Day Schedule Sheets

So, you’re planning your dream wedding. But, you may never have planned such a huge & lifechanging event before.

How will you possibly know what time the flowers should arrive? Who in their right mind knows how to estimate the length of speeches after lots of glasses of bubbly? Where do you even start with timings on getting dressed?

Don’t sweat it, we’ve got the perfect Wedding Day Schedule to not only keep you on track and relaxed – but keep your entire party on track and enjoying themselves. You NEED this schedule in your life. It will help you get everyone on the same page and make your whole day float away seamlessly. No wedding is complete without it…

Planning and preparation are essential for a hiccup-free and relaxed wedding day. From when to begin getting ready to how long to leave for the wedding breakfast and the speeches, we’ve put together handy A4, PDF formatted & printable Wedding Day Schedule Sheets to help you plan the details of your dream wedding day!

If want to ensure you get a smooth-running wedding day, you must get planning. A minute-by-minute schedule isn’t necessary, in fact, we think that this may make things a bit more stressful. But it is important to have a basic structure of things like when you need to start getting ready, your arrival time at the ceremony when guests should arrive, how long transport between venues takes and rough timelines of the speeches. All of this will help to make you feel more in control and relaxed throughout your day.

However, putting a timeline together can be confusing. This is probably the first wedding you’ve ever planned and it’s your very own dream wedding. You’ll be feeling pressure from everyone and you’ll want it all to be perfect. You’re also probably not aware of how long everything actually takes. That’s ok, we’ve got this covered with our beautifully simple Wedding Day Schedule Sheet! We’ve created a simple timeline sheet that breaks down your schedule into morning, noon and evening. It’s perfect to print a copy for every one of your wedding parties so they know what is happening from one hour to the next.