Printable Table Seating Planning Sheets

You’ve booked your venue, now it’s time to plan your seating arrangements.

But, where do you even begin? How do you tackle who sits with whom? Where do you put estranged family members and how do you design the top table without offending anyone?

Some of the hardest wedding planning decisions are made with the seating charts… so let us take the stress, worry and anxiety from you.

With this guide, you’ll be able to plan and strategize while keeping your loved ones informed and in the loop. You simply cannot plan your wedding with no upsets without it.

For only £3.99 you can dispel all squabbles, arguments and issues and sit back & enjoy your day.

What a bargain!

Congratulations, your dream venue and wedding date is secured for your big day. You are one step closer to marrying your dream husband or wife and living happily ever after. Now, the fun of seating planning and guest planning can begin. We’ve created this easy to use Table Seating Planning to help you provisionally and then permanently plan your guests seating arrangements. The Table Seating Planning is often a very important and sometimes overlooked part of wedding planning.

With some weddings there can be family issues, squabbles and tensions. Of course, this isn’t the case with every wedding. Plenty of romantic unions happen without any issues, everyone gets along and the days goes off without a hitch. No pun intended. However, when there are issues with guests, this can be magnified on your big day and on the run up to it. But, there are a few simple things that you can do to ensure your wedding breakfast runs smoothly and is memorable for all the right reasons.

Having a plan of your table seating and where each guest will enjoy their meal is key to easy organisation.

With this set, you can pick and choose the style of table you’d like, the number of guests per table and more.

This handy pack for your digital wedding planner includes:

  • Seating Planner
  • Sweetheart Table Layout
  • Head Table Layout
  • Family Table Layout
  • Round Table Layout
  • Square Table Layout
  • Rectangular Table Layout
  • Banquet Style Table Layout
  • A4 PDF downloadable edition
  • Ready for printing at home