Printable Groomsmen Duties Checklist

Your groomsmen play an important role in your wedding, ready to let them know?

Without this guide you will be LOST – we’ve covered every duty, deadline, must-have and tick list imaginable.

Get this full and comprehensive guide for the tiny price of £0.99 and organise your grooms and (more importantly) your stag do with ease!


No matter the size of your wedding party, you’re sure to have a solid group of pals who want to see you walk down the aisle to the love of your life. We’ve put together this helpful Groomsmen Duties Checklist to ensure your day flows flawlessly. We want you to be able to enjoy the bro part of the day together while also being able to sneak off for a quick kiss and catch up with your new spouse.

It will be the job of your groomsmen to keep squabbling family members apart and keep the drinks flowing. They will be running interference and making it so that you have no idea of any behind the scenes drama. Groomsmen will have the best of both worlds on your big day. When all is said and done, they are your friends and they have your back.

By equipping them with this handy checklist guide, you are making all of your lives easier. Better yet, your spouse to be can have as much access as you like. This will help to keep everyone calm and see that all tasks are on track.

A full and comprehensive guide on what is expected from them to help make your wedding memorable for all the right reasons!

This guide for groomsmen includes:

  • Duties before your wedding day
  • Duties on the big day
  • An area for notes as needed
  • This is a full A4 PDF download
  • Shareable amongst your groomsmen
  • This PDF is for printing at home and editing by hand