Printable Bridesmaid Duties Checklist

Who doesn’t love being a bridesmaid!? Your bridesmaids will be honoured to be a part of your magical day!

You are well on your way to planning your dream wedding day with your gorgeous groom. With the planning of your dream wedding comes lots of fun and happy tears. One of the largest roles to fill for your day will be the bridesmaids. It’s your chance to celebrate marrying the love of your life with your best friends, girlfriends and female relatives. To be someone’s bridesmaid is a huge honour and comes with some very important roles and duties. Don’t get overwhelmed with what they need to do, use our helpful Bridesmaid Duties Checklist for everything!

With this checklist, you can share your hopes and expectations with all of your bridal party and keep track of where things are on your mammoth to-do list.

Your bridesmaids can access each page and add their opinions, ideas and ticks when tasks are complete.

Broken down to include before the big day and during, you’ll be able to sit back and relax. This is our gift to you to help you enjoy every second of your big day and grab as many chances as possible to spend with your new spouse.

This Bridesmaid Duties Checklist includes:

  • Duties before the wedding day
  • Duties on the wedding day
  • Blank list for extras & personalisations