Printable Best Man Duties & Checklist

It’s time to give out some of the most important roles to play in your wedding. The best man is one of the most honourable but also one of the most important roles of the day.

Wedding planning is overwhelming enough without having to find out what roles to give to who. Don’t employ an extra planner for this, simply use our must-have guide. It’ll save you lots of cash – perfect for pumping into your stag do!

Having this guide at hand will keep your bride’s mind reassured, all plans in one place and everything on track for the party of the century!

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To be the best man for your friend is the greatest privilege there is amongst bros and friends. They get to organise your stag do and get the honour of being next to you at the top of the aisle. They get the best seat in the house to watch you say “I do” to the love of your life. Your best man gets to help you plan many parts of your dream wedding. They are also integral to pre-wedding planning, including your stag do and suit fittings. But lots of best men are a bit clueless about what else they need to do. Luckily, we’ve put together the Best Man Duties Checklist – or the best man bible! A full, comprehensive guide that is A4 sized, PDF downloadable, and available for home printing for your ease.

We’ve taken care to consult with brides and grooms on what they’d like completed before the big day as well as important things to do when you both begin to enjoy married life.

Being someone’s best man not only solidifies your relationship but often goes on to strengthen it. It’s well known that many best men become godfathers and honour uncles to future children.

And while it is a fun role with lots of exciting tasks like trips away, suit fittings and speeches, it does also come with responsibility.

We believe this checklist of best man duties will help make things easy and organised.

This checklist includes:

  • Stag party duties
  • Duties before the wedding day
  • Duties at the ceremony
  • Duties at the wedding reception
  • Extra notes