Printable 3 Month Wedding Timeline Planner

Going to chapel and we’re going to get married… the 3 month countdown is ON! You may be all a-fluster with the date ticking down but with our helpful 3 month guide & checklist, you can boss wedding planning in style. There’s no need to stress or feel overwhelmed because this planner will become your wedding planning bible! You NEED this essential crash course in planning within 3 months. You’ll be lost without it..

A final few hurdles stand between you and the aisle – use our beautiful 3-Month Wedding Date & Timeline Planner to get the last bits done and dusted! If you’re three months out from your big day, this planner will tell you exactly what you need to do. Don’t let the final, small details make your wedding planning stressful or difficult. This gorgeous 3 month planner comes in A4 PDF format for download. We’ve made it easy for you to print your whole planner at home or keep it on your devices!

Simply download this three-month-to-go guide and planner. Use each page to add your own personal touches.

Additionally, update each page against our handy tick boxes. Also, be sure to ask your spouse to be to add their own ideas and notes. Maybe even allow trusted members of your bridal party a copy to ensure all deadlines and updates are kept.

This gorgeously stylised 3 months out planner helps you keep all details in place for ease! What’s more, this lovely planner will help your team all sing from the same hymn sheet. It will help your day go off without a hitch.

This handy 3-month timeline includes:

  • Tips on what to do on the run-up to your wedding day – starting at 3 months out!
  • A timeline of things you should do to ensure your day goes smoothly


The final countdown is on and your excitement levels may be peaking. Don’t let nerves get the better of you, take a deep breath, check out our helpful planning tips and grab a large glass of something! You’ve got this!

With 3 months to go, you’ll be dreaming of your honeymoon so be sure to keep your dreams alive with our inspirational posts.

Don’t forget, you’ll be going for your wedding cake tasting soon, treat it like a date night and enjoy every second of being an engaged couple while it lasts! Our lovely 3-Month Wedding Date & Timeline Planner will help you keep to these appointments in style.