8 Thoughtful and Practical Presents for Honeymooning Newlyweds

8 Thoughtful and Practical Presents for Honeymooning Newlyweds

After witnessing your friends say their “I do’s”, they’re ready to embark on the next stage of their newlywed journey: the honeymoon. This period is the perfect opportunity for them to celebrate their unity as an officially married couple, and as a good friend, you want to make sure that they get to enjoy their honeymoon as much as possible. With that said, gifting them practical items they can use during their holiday can enhance their honeymoon experience. It’s also a thoughtful way to thank them for inviting you to their wedding and show them your support. Here are eight gifts you can consider giving them:

Comfortable Travel Wear

As honeymooners embark on their romantic journey, you want to make sure that they’re able to travel comfortably. That’s why gifting them comfortable travel wear is a great way to let them relax and enjoy each moment, whether they are on a plane, exploring new destinations, or simply unwinding at their hotel. When selecting garments for the couple, make sure that you’re purchasing items that are appropriate for the climate or weather of the destination they’re visiting and the activities they have planned in their itinerary.  If they’re spending their honeymoon strolling around a city like Barcelona or Rome during summer, opt for items made from soft, breathable fabrics like cotton, linen, or twill. Take this into consideration whether you plan to buy leggings, shorts, or t-shirts for them. If the couple will spend their honeymoon during winter, it’s better to gift them thick and warm clothing like wool caps, mohair sweaters, and fleece jackets.

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Monogrammed Towels and Bathrobes

If you want to give the couple something that can add a touch of luxury and personalisation during their honeymoon, monogrammed towels and bathrobes make for splendid gifts. These items not only serve a practical purpose but also provide a romantic and customised element to the newlyweds’ experience. Having their initials monogrammed on plush towels and bathrobes can serve as a constant reminder of their special day and trip. Plus, they can proudly show them off whenever they’re lounging by the pool or enjoying a spa day, elevating the overall honeymoon experience.

Couple’s Travel Tags and Passport Holders

Help the newlyweds travel in style by gifting them couple’s travel tags and passport holders. These items can make the couple’s honeymoon feel more personal and extra special since they’ll become cherished mementoes of their first adventure as newlyweds. Consider choosing designs that resonate with the destination of their honeymoon. You can also get matching sets that reflect their personalities so that the travel tags and passport holders can have a more personalised flair.

Matching Travel Bags

Whether it’s a set of luggage or complementary day bags, giving the couple matching travel bags ensures that they can travel in coordinated style. These practical presents can add a touch of unity to the newlywed’s travel ensemble, as well as contribute to a smoother travel experience. Look for durable bags with functional designs that suit their travel needs. This way, the couple wouldn’t have to worry too much about the state of their luggage, allowing them to focus on their honeymoon. r. For example, if you’re giving them matching carry-on luggage, get ones that have sturdy, telescopic handles and comfortable grips. The wheels should also be made of polyurethane—the highest quality luggage wheels currently on the market—and must be able to move freely 360 degrees. You should also get luggage made of durable but lightweight materials like polycarbonate, aluminium, or ABS plastic so that the couple will have an easier time moving around.

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Airline Gift Cards

Honeymooning couples often have a specific destination in mind, and an airline gift card allows them to plan their trip without much worry. Airline gift cards can help alleviate some of the financial burdens associated with travel, letting the couple focus on creating lasting memories. They can use it to upgrade their seats, extend their stay, or explore additional destinations. With airline gift cards, they can easily tailor their honeymoon experience according to their preferences.

Experience Vouchers

For a gift that goes beyond the tangible, consider vouchers that allow the newlyweds to choose from a variety of activities and adventures, creating personalised and unforgettable moments during their honeymoon. This thoughtful gift not only adds an element of surprise but also ensures that the memories created during their honeymoon are both meaningful and tailored to their preferences. It’s a practical yet heartfelt way to contribute to their special holiday.

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Instant Camera

Gifting the newlyweds an instant camera will allow them to instantly freeze-frame the excitement and romance of their honeymoon. This tangible and immediate form of photography allows them to create a physical collection of memories, from candid shots to picturesque landscapes. It also encourages them to document their journey by taking snapshots of each other, the places they explore, and the unexpected moments that make their honeymoon special. Moreover, the instant camera adds a touch of nostalgia to their adventure, providing the couple with a unique way to relive the joyous moments of their romantic getaway.


The gift of cash remains a versatile and appreciated choice by many newlyweds. This is because it allows them to use it in various ways, tailored to their preferences and needs. They can use the money to indulge in a special dining experience, explore additional attractions, or simply have some extra spending money during their honeymoon. With this gift of cash, the married couple has the freedom to make spontaneous choices during their romantic getaway.

Giving newly married couples any of the gifts mentioned above is an excellent way to make their honeymoon more enjoyable and memorable. It’s a thoughtful gesture that shows your support for their relationship and allows you to extend your well-wishes for a happy and long married life.

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