Planning A Wedding During A Pandemic

Planning A Wedding During A Pandemic

If you’re planning a wedding during a pandemic, keep reading as this article will guide you through.

The pandemic has forced people to find new ways to work, play, and celebrate. Unfortunately, this includes the countless engaged couples who had planned their weddings before COVID-19 struck their areas.

However, many people are still choosing to get married in this ‘new normal,’ though it might not be the fairytale ceremony initially planned.

Keep reading for five things you should know about planning a wedding during a pandemic.

Planning A Wedding During A Pandemic

1) Start As Soon As You Can 

Whether you have just gotten engaged or need to plan a different, postponed ceremony, start planning right away.

Early planning is the best way to offset any unpredictable circumstances and prevent any issues before they arise. 

Start by deciding your wedding budget and picking a venue.

Due to the pandemic, hundreds of couples have had to reschedule, and venues can fill up as much as a year in advance.

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If you want to get married in 2021, you need to choose your caterers, music, and more as fast as possible.  

Do not forget about engagement rings in Auckland or wedding rings.

Rings often need resizing or customisation, so plan accordingly.

Diamond engagement rings from Diamonds on Richmond can help you find perfectly customised stones for your beloved and speed up the wedding planning process.

2) Hire A Wedding Planner

If the planning process is more stressful due to the pandemic, find a wedding planner.

This person will know how to follow new restrictions and developments and still plan a beautiful event. 

With a planner, you do not have to worry about the most gruelling parts of your big day.

Let a professional planner take on your custom design, while you relax in time for your big day. 

3) Be Flexible, But Know What You Want

During unprecedented times like these, your ceremony may not be exactly what you imagined. It is why you should pick several essential elements of your wedding and plan around them. 

Decide whether you want a particular venue, a dress, or maybe a piece of fine jewellery.

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Make sure to take care of those items first, so you can look back on pictures years from now and see what is most important to you.

Make sure to go into the event planning process while being flexible with your plans and wedding date.

Though you might want a small, private ceremony now, you might still want to hold a bigger, public one later. 

4) Local Wedding Planning During A Pandemic

Due to the coronavirus, travel restrictions are likely to change at any time with no notice.

Therefore, you should plan to have florists or wedding vendors that are local, instead of out-of-state. 

Not only can you source locally and have a beautiful wedding, but you can also support your local businesses and be within your budget. 

It would be best if you also thought locally for your wedding venue.

Destination weddings are harder to organise, and you might have to cancel one due to changes in the pandemic.

You can hold a beautiful, intimate wedding in a local garden or vineyard. Carefully consider public spaces as wedding venues though, since crowds may come to visit. 

5) Use Hygiene Measures

Hand sanitiser, gloves, and masks are huge parts of daily life now, which is why you’ll need to incorporate them into your event.

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If you’re inviting guests, make sure all of these things are readily available around the venue.

Events of any size can be risky, so add hygiene measures to your wedding budget.

Your wedding party should be a part of making the event safe!

Let bridesmaids and groomsmen hand out masks, hand sanitiser, and more.

You should always stay safe while celebrating your special day. 

6) Make a Guest List Virtually

The safest way is for your friends, family, and other wedding guests to attend your nuptials virtually. 

Create a guest list of everyone who wants to attend your special day online.

You can talk to your photographer to help live stream the event on social media. 

For family members who are out of town or cannot travel because they are immunocompromised, virtual attendance is the best option.

Make sure to discuss this with your family to be safe on your wedding day in unprecedented times.

Be Patient With Yourself Whilst Planning A Wedding During A Pandemic

To create a wedding is stressful usually, but gets even more stressful in the middle of a pandemic.

Remember to take deep breaths and relax, since you are accomplishing something while faced with more stress than usual. 

Look forward to your big day and sharing your life with your partner.

While there is a pandemic, you can still celebrate your union in a unique, intimate way.

Do not let uncertainty put off your proposing with the perfect engagement ring! 

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