Organising Your Honeymoon: A Guide

Organising Your Honeymoon

It can be tricky to start organising your honeymoon when you’re already planning your ultimate dream wedding. From deciding where to go and the complicated arrangements that you have to make, tying the knot might feel like the easiest part of your planning! But, we can help you find the best destinations and resorts, the dreamiest adventures. We are on hand to show you how to enjoy the honeymoon of your dreams.

The honeymoon is traditionally looked at as your first step into married life, and there’s always the thought that the tone of the honeymoon will set the tone of your future together. If you want your marriage to be as fantastic as your wedding, then getting the honeymoon right is an excellent first step. With that in mind, here’s how to make your honeymoon the dream holiday you and your new spouse deserve.  The key to organising your honeymoon with Real Wedding. A couple kiss at sunset under palm trees

When organising your honeymoon, always budget in advance

You’re going to need to know how much you can spend on your honeymoon, and pre-honeymoon planning can make that an easy job for you. Your honeymoon should be the trip of a lifetime and if you want to splurge, you should go for it.

One way to ensure you have a big budget to go all out is to ask your wedding guests to contribute towards your honeymoon fund in place of gifting you traditional wedding gifts. Many couples do this successfully and as a result have the wedding of their dreams with their loved ones and the honeymoon of the century as a little gift.

Plenty of destination honeymoon resorts will ensure that you get to do all you wish for on your honeymoon – from a candle lit dinner under the stars to going to a dance class. Use your time and pre-plan your ideal activities and days out in advance so you know your budgets before your feet touch down in paradise.

It’s your honeymoon so you can make it as expensive or as on-budget as you like. You don’t have to enjoy nights out every night, you could spend the entire evening in your room having intimate fun together with vibrating panties. Whatever you want to do on your honeymoon, you can. It’s all about you, your new spouse and paradise!

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Things like flights and transfers can be organised well in advance. If you need private aircraft to travel with your partner on your honeymoon destination, you can check out this good services similar to Jettly for you best preferences!
Organising your honeymoon - a couple watches the sea at sunset

The top honeymoon destinations

Finding the top honeymoon destinations for the most romantic, adventure-filled and memorable honeymoon is definitely worth your time and effort. Luckily, this top honeymoon destination blog post is jam-packed with inspiration and destinations that are once in a lifetime and perfect for your honeymoon of dreams.

Our picks include breath taking beaches in Bali and incredible city walks and hidden cobbled street gems on the Amalfi Coast. You can also find Nantucket ocean-facing homes floating rooms on stilts in the Maldives, cultural heaven in India and everything in between.

You can easily organise your honeymoon in just a few weeks pre-wedding. Simply, pick your dream honeymoon destination – absolutely anywhere in the world, and start looking at budgets, what is affordable and what you’d like to splurge on. Go through your ideal activities and start booking. Within just a few clicks, you’ll be well on your way to organising and planning your dream honeymoon.

If you’re looking to book a honeymoon in Greece, we’ve got some easy to follow tips to ensure your trip is stress-free and romantic. 

Organising your honeymoon - pick a dream destination like this resort with pool overlooking the beach in Mauritius
Book a honeymoon of a lifetime with

Activities to do on your honeymoon

When organising your honeymoon, be sure to do some research and mood boarding into the activities you’d like to do.

Your opportunities and endless, no matter where you are in the world. You can enjoy water sports in clear oceans, plan a photoshoot along white beaches, go for sunset champagne drinks overlooking your resort and go for an incredible sunset hot air balloon ride.

Your activities don’t have to include any over excursion; if you’d prefer to stay in bed all day or hit the beach, you can do that.

Wedding planning can be quite full on and the come-down after the big day can leave you feeling a bit deflated. Organise your honeymoon with that in mind and schedule in activities that will help you recharge with your new spouse.

Honeymoon activities - a couple lie on a beach on their honeymoon

Honeymoon ideas for all tastes

No matter your tastes, you’re sure to find the best honeymoon for you with our guide on organising your honeymoon.

It sounds obvious that your honeymoon should reflect of what you want, but sometimes circumstances make it so that we have to compromise. However, we believe that your honeymoon should be the ultimate trip for you as newlyweds.

If you love exploring nature, you can always plan a trip to the underwater experiences in the Maldives or the beaches and beautiful islands of Thailand.

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Animal lovers can get up close and personal with elephants, lions and tigers on safari.

Adventure seekers can explore the mountain tops of the Swiss Alps.

At Real Wedding, we believe that your wedding and honeymoon should be exactly what you want – so let us help you organise your honeymoon in style!

Prepare for all outcomes

When we travel, there is a lot that is out of our control. Make sure that you have entertainment like a pack of cards or books so that any delays don’t get too frustrating. Also, let your airline know that you are newlyweds on your honeymoon. Most airlines love to gift small tokens of appreciation and romance to make sure your flight is memorable for all the right reasons.

If, for whatever reason, your flight is delayed, remember that you should always look at FairPlane, as you may be entitled to compensation. The more that you’re prepared for a delay, the less effect it will have on your celebratory mindset. You’re with the love of your life, so does it matter where you are?

organising your honeymoon, a mature couple dance together

Let everyone know

One of the best ways to enjoy a better honeymoon is to tell everyone that you just got married. Tell your travel agent, let your hotel know, and tell your flight attendant. There is no such as thing as being too subtle about it! You might find that you get upgrades throughout your trip, and that can transform your honeymoon into something truly spectacular. There’s a fear that letting people know that you’re on your honeymoon will mean additional charges added to everything. After all, that’s probably what you felt happened when you were planning your wedding! Let everyone know that you’re on your honeymoon and you might be surprised by the reception you get.

Remember, there’s a lot of pressure on your entire wedding, and it doesn’t stop once you say “I do.” You have a long life together to look forward to, and there will be many opportunities for travelling together. Treat your honeymoon for what it is: a way to enjoy a relaxing break after the stresses of planning your wedding day.


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People also ask…

How do you organise your honeymoon?

Organising your honeymoon can feel daunting, especially in the midst of wedding planning. But it doesn’t have to be stressful if you break down the process into manageable parts. First, decide what kind of honeymoon you want. Do you want to stay local or go overseas? Second, if you’re travelling internationally, look into visa requirements and research flights. Then look into accommodation options such as hotels and resorts or alternatively, bed and breakfast stays. Whatever your budget may be, don’t forget to factor in both travel and accommodation expenses. Finally, make sure your passports are up to date so that you’re ready for an unforgettable honeymoon experience! With those tips under your belt, there is nothing stopping you from having the most memorable honeymoon of all time!

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How do you plan a honeymoon step by step?

First, decide on your budget and find out what you’re willing to spend on the trip. Then start researching different destinations that fit within your price range. Think about where it is you want to go, if you want luxury or something more laidback and look for resorts that offer those experiences. Once your search is narrowed down to a couple of choices, make sure to check flights and accommodation costs as these can affect your budget. When booking, read reviews from others who have stayed at the resort or in the area. Finally, once all of the planning is done sit back, relax and enjoy dreaming up all of the memories that are yet to come!

What are you supposed to do on your honeymoon?

Organising your honeymoon should be just as special and unique an experience as the wedding itself. After all, it is the start of a new chapter full of memories to come. Regardless of what you’ve budgeted for your honeymoon, it’s important to remember that this time away is a chance to relax and celebrate with each other in style! So why not make it extra special by finding thoughtful ways to make it memorable? Go on a once-in-a-lifetime experience, such as camping beside a river or relaxing together in an exclusive spa. From skiing or snowboarding in the winter months to charming towns during the summertime – whatever you decide, remember to make this cherished moment count!

Dos and don’ts of honeymoons?

There are so many amazing destinations and activities to choose from, it can be hard to narrow down your selection. To ensure you make the most of your honeymoon, here are some top tips: Do your research – read reviews, or ask friends/family for recommendations. Plan ahead – book any specific activities or attractions at least a month in advance. Decide on your budget – what parts of your honeymoon do you want to splurge on? Create time for rest and relaxation – don’t feel like you have to cram in as much as possible. Take plenty of photos – you’ll never regret having too many memories! Whatever way you choose to spend your honeymoon, just make sure that it feels right for the two of you and enjoy every second!

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