What Do You Need For A Simple Wedding? 

What Do You Need For A Simple Wedding? 

A Venue 

No matter how much money you’re spending or how simple (or otherwise) you might want your wedding to be, you’re going to need a venue – it’s probably the one thing (apart from rings, perhaps) that you can’t do without. Where you choose might depend on various factors, including your budget, location, how many guests you want, and your general preferences. Look around at the options that might fit the bill and book this before anything else; once the venue is booked, everything else can fall into place as you’ll have a date and a location for the wedding. 

Don’t forget to look for slightly more unusual wedding venue options as well, as it could be that the perfect venue isn’t necessarily a wedding one. For example, conference venues can make ideal wedding reception spaces, so if you broaden your search, you might find exactly what you’re looking for. 

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Again, no matter how simple you want things to be, you’re going to have to think about food because it’s only polite to feed your guests (and you’ll want to eat at some point as well!)! 

You can make things simple by not having a sit-down dinner and by providing a buffet instead. If you have a buffet, you can even make the food yourself or have family and friends do it for you. A lot of people would love to get involved in helping with a wedding, so this could be the ideal solution to give them a job that’s going to be helpful. Or how about making your wedding meal a potluck event where every guest brings their favourite dish? That can be a lot of fun and save on costs. You could ask them to bring food instead of spending money on a gift, which is ideal if you don’t need anything. 

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You do not have to wear a wedding dress to get married. There is no law about it, and although it might be what people expect, it’s definitely not necessary. Having said that, many brides do like to take the opportunity to dress up in a way they’ve never done in the past and never will again, so if you do want to wear a wedding dress but you also want to keep things simple, here are some options for you. 

Firstly, there’s the design of the dress itself. Remember, if you’re having a simple wedding, the decorations are probably going to be fairly simple too, so you don’t want your dress to be too over the top or it’ll look strange. Pick something that matches your personality and that you feel comfortable in, and, of course, make sure it’s within your budget. If that’s proving difficult, don’t forget there are places to buy second-hand wedding dresses or even rent one for the day, and that will be a lot cheaper. 

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