Natural vs Engineered Diamonds: Will It Make A Difference For Your Wedding Ring?

Natural vs Engineered Diamonds: Will It Make A Difference For Your Wedding Ring?

With so many ring styles and materials to pick from, deciding on the perfect wedding ring can be difficult. Besides, it’s one of the most meaningful purchases you’ll ever make, so you want to get it right. As a matter of custom and tradition, many still opt for a diamond ring. The diamond represents trust, loyalty, lasting connection, and love. For this reason, diamond rings are the ideal option. 

Today, jewellery shops offer two types of diamonds: natural and engineered. You may be wondering about the difference between the two or which is better for your wedding ring. Fortunately, this article will guide you in understanding both types and choosing the perfect diamond your love will cherish for the rest of their lives.   

What Are The Main Differences? 

What Are The Main Differences? 

Both are diamonds. Natural diamonds are formed earlier by pressures underground within the Earth’s crust. On the other hand, engineered diamonds are manufactured in a laboratory and can be made relatively quickly. Both types have no physical differences to the naked eye, and lab grown diamonds have the same material and chemical properties as those found on Earth, as well as the same optical properties.  

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Inclusions are present in almost all diamonds; however, an experienced gemologist can determine if a diamond is natural or lab-crafted by examining it under a microscope. Organic diamonds’ naturally occurring inclusions include pinpointing inclusions, feathering, and cloud inclusions. At the same time, metallic inclusions are only found in engineered ones. 

A natural diamond may also be distinguished by its nitrogen content. Natural diamonds have a yellow tint if nitrogen is present in high concentrations, but engineered diamonds don’t have this colour. Engineered diamonds also exhibit other physical characteristics such as weak strain patterns, colour zoning, and ultraviolet fluorescence. 

Do Engineered Diamonds Have The Same Luster And Radiance As Natural Diamonds? 

The answer is yes. Engineered diamonds appear and gleam much like natural diamonds, and they can be produced in about the same colours and features. Despite the difference in colour, clarity, carat weight, and cut between a lab-grown and a pure stone, a buyer, couldn’t tell the difference if placed next to one another. 

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Is The Strength And Value Of Engineered Diamonds Similar To That Of Natural Diamonds? 

Is The Strength And Value Of Engineered Diamonds Similar To That Of Natural Diamonds? 

The chemical composition and physical makeup of engineered diamonds are almost identical to that of natural diamonds, making them every bit as strong as their natural counterparts. They’re subjected to similar pressures as carbon to be formed. The procedure is sped up and both types will pass a diamond tester if tested for authenticity. 

When you purchase a natural diamond, you invest in something that will hold its worth throughout time. Since there’s a limited supply, a genuine diamond will retain its value longer. However, this isn’t the case with engineered ones. As a rule of thumb, the value will also go up when demand goes up, mainly when supply is restricted.  

Although lab-grown diamonds can be produced, their value may not hold over time, implying that resale prices may continue to fall as the market gets overloaded. 

Should Couples Choose Natural Diamonds Or Engineered Ones? 

Should Couples Choose Natural Diamonds Or Engineered Ones? 

While both are good choices, there are good reasons why couples choose either of the two. For many, the Earth formed this bright, gleaming jewel adds to its allure. Most couples appreciate learning about the peculiarities of their particular stone and how it came to be that way. Furthermore, some couples believe it’s a value concern, and the consistency of a natural diamond’s value is worth the price. If you and your partner feel the same, opt for the natural ones. 

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On the other hand, some couples prefer engineered ones for many reasons as well. Many recently engaged couples prioritize cost over anything else. Because engineered diamonds are identical to natural ones, many couples believe there’s no point paying extra for a raw, mined stone. 

Others like that their diamond didn’t have to be extracted from the Earth. It could be because they wish the Earth to be left in its original state or prefer sustainable diamonds. If you want something sustainable and cost-friendly, you can go for the engineered ones.  

Final Thoughts 

A wedding ring is one of the most significant purchases a couple will ever make. However, as a matter of tradition and legacy, many people still choose a diamond ring. Because of a diamond’s unyielding character, it has become the most significant symbol of love, commitment, and triumph despite all odds, as well as a legacy that has lasted for generations. Refer to this post if you find yourself wondering which type of diamond is best for your wedding ring.

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