Mother Of The Bride Tips: Planning Your Look And Your Outfit

Mother Of The Bride Tips: Planning Your Look And Your Outfit

A daughter’s wedding is very special to every parent… but especially special as a mother. It’s the biggest day for the girl you raised with love and absolute care. As you have waited for this day for years, now it’s time to enjoy every moment of it. In fact, looking as elegant as your daughter by giving yourself time to relax and enough sleep to feel energetic and look beautiful on the big day is a must.

Here are some tips for you, as the mother of the bride. All the eyes will be on you after the bride, so, make sure you don’t miss rocking the event with your look. You deserve a red carpet entry too, so do check out the tips below before hopping on to Frox of Falkirk.

Don’t buy the outfit too soon

Buying your dress for the big day way before the event might mean that you face issues with it at the last moment. Often mothers of the bride think that as they have a lot of responsibilities on their shoulders, it will be difficult to take out time for shopping at the end. But, think about the future – they might have gained or lost a little weight nearer the time of the wedding, or a new style may catch their eye. Worse still, the outfit might go into the sale nearer the event, so you could wait to save yourself some budget. That said, you do you, and get the perfect dress when it feels right.

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Prepare to be at your best for the big day

Preparations don’t only mean the preparation for the event, but it also means preparing yourself for the big day. If you would like to have that transformation so you can feel special on the big day, be it your hair, makeup, outfit, footwear or accessories, everything needs to be really special. You could also make time to take some gentle exercise for a natural glow! Meditation & yoga would also work. This will not only improve your body shape, and makes you look fitter but will also keep you healthy and energetic on your daughter’s big day.

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Take your daughter’s advice 

If you are not able to decide on the outfits and looks, then do not hesitate to take the advice from your daughter. She can help guide you and she may even persuade you to try something new. Don’t forget to share your preferences with her, as she will guide you on maintaining your comfort whilst also looking stylish and feeling great. Similarly, your daughter can guide you with your accessories, hair, makeup and all the other exciting wedding style preparations.

If there is a colour theme, stick to it

Colour plans in weddings nowadays are used to make the event theme come together. Colour themes are also handy to highlight the most important people in the room to the other guests. Close family members could try to wear similar or same colour outfits, adding depth with variations of a shade lighter or darker. If your family has decided on a colour code, try and stick to it while planning your outfit. If there is no colour theme, then try some shimmery outfits for a dressy look. It could be a wash of silver or a beautiful neutral colour like sparkling champagne.

Perform online research

As the entire market is digital these days, one can easily find outfit options online. There are different colours, patterns and fabrics available so that you can pick the best one to suit your look. It is very important to search online first before buying any perfect dress like these long HOCO dresses. You can use style boards or Pinterest to collate your favorites pieces. Frox of Falkirk is a great site for wedding fashion. Especially great for mother of the bride options, you can find exclusive collections here which are perfect for all occasions, not just for weddings.

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Get your hair and makeup done

Any transformation or final look is always incomplete without the right kind of hair and makeup. If you want to look your best on a special day, do not forget to get a fresh trim, a blowdry or an updo. Also, consider trying some new makeup ideas different from your usual makeup routine that compliments your outfit beautifully.

Make a checklist

The main reason making every mother panic on the big day is the thought of forgetting anything important. Take some time to create a checklist of all the tasks and the timings to ensure you will not miss anything, but also so you don’t endure any stress on your daughter’s wedding day.

Enjoy the moment 

This day will pass by quickly, so, last but not the least, do not forget to enjoy every bit of it. Leave all the stress and anxiety at home and make sure you are there for your daughter at every moment of her special day.

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