Men’s Wedding Gifts: Ideas For Grooms & Best Men

Writer's Medic Bag by Galen Leather

If you’re looking for men’s wedding gifts, you’ve come to the most helpful place!

Included in this round up are gift ideas for stags, ushers, grooms, page boys, fathers and best men.

Here is a comprehensive review of the perfect types of wedding gifts for your male wedding party.

Also, if you’re looking for a great Valentine’s gift for your man, get it here.

The Perfect Men’s Wedding Gifts: Grooms

An Engraved Pocket Watch

Pocket watches are very much in fashion currently.

And to make sure your watch can be worn and used for many years to come, this Tense watch repair services will help you achieve it!

This is the kind of men’s wedding gift that will remind him of his special day.

Not only that, but he can wear it for years to come.

You might choose a hunter or half hunter and whether it’s gold, silver will be decided by your budget.

Fountain Pens Make Great Men’s Wedding Gifts

Pen holder by Galen Leather

If the groom uses a pen regularly, this is a gift he can use at the office or whilst doing home admin.

We don’t mean you have to buy a pen from Mont Blanc, that iconic and very expensive maker of pens.

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Any special fountain pen worth its salt will come in its own aesthetically pleasing presentation box.

Engraved Glassware

A set of engraved crystal glasses or a decanter bearing your names make fabulous wedding gifts.

Usually displayed in a cabinet and brought out only for special occasions, they will last years.

They’ll also serve a reminder of the highlights of your wedding day.

A Special Bottle Of Something

A good bottle of champagne, wine or spirits will lay down and, if kept properly, should increase in value.

This will delight the groom who can cherish and bring out on a wedding anniversary of his choosing.

The Groomsman Survival Kit

Wedding Gifts For Men

By Men’s Society, the Groomsman Survival Kit is filled to the brim with essential wedding day items.

A useful, quality gift for the Groom and Best Men, sure to put a smile on their face on one of the most nerve-wracking days of their lives!

Wedding Gifts For The Best Man


Today, cufflinks are often the one thing missing from a gentleman’s wardrobe, while for the storage of this wardrobe, is essential to organize a space at your home for this, and you can get professional services from to help you with this.

That’s why they make a great wedding gift from the groom.

There are lots of styles available in different materials and it’s not difficult to find a pair that reflects one of their interests.

An Explore/Adventure Day

The best man has given the groom a day to remember, so how about reciprocating.

There are plenty of options to choose from depending on the best man’s interests.

From a driving experience at Silverstone to a visit to a TV studio, you are bound to find something the best man can enjoy.

A Personalised Leather Notebook Cover

A Personalised Leather Notebook Cover by Galen Leather
A Personalised Leather Pocket Notebook Cover
A Personalised Leather Pocket Moleskine Cover

When you are looking for best man gifts, a personalised wallet, notebook holder or credit card holder are hard to overlook.

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Either will last for years if taken care of.

Producing money or a card from a very nice-looking accessory always raises eyebrows.

Especially wonderful if it is embossed with the owner’s initials.

Take a look at Galen Leather – they produce by hand, the most amazing leatherwear.

Personalised ‘Will You Be My Best Man?’ Gift Box

Wedding Gifts For Men

Spoil your best man with this jam-packed gift box containing the things he needs to help you have the most amazing wedding day!

The quality box with personalised lid is fastened with a decorative black bow tie.

Get the box here.

Name A Star

The chance to name a star is becoming a very popular gift and it is something out of the ordinary.

You can present the best man with everything needed to locate and christen a yet unnamed celestial body.

This is a gift that will last forever, literally.

The Stag Survival Kit

Wedding Gifts For Men

The Stag Survival Kit is packed full of essential stag event items.

A humorous, but useful gift for the stags heading off on rowdy or classy stag weekends alike!

Wedding Gifts For The Father Of The Bride

Personalised Luggage

Personalised leather tote bag: men's wedding gifts

Gifts of personalised luggage, such as a leather holdall, are always well received.

Personalising helps remind the owner that they were presented with it as one of the father of the bride gifts.

The tote bag pictured is the perfect gift for a discerning gent who needs his belongings organised. Get it here.

A Tie Clip

Like pocket watches, tie clips are back in fashion.

They are not large items which makes buying something in gold or silver affordable for most.

The wearers initials across the middle of the pin will nicely set off a silk tie.

Personalised Silk Handkerchiefs

It is said that a gentleman always carries a pocket handkerchief and there can be no argument that the nicer it is, the better.

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Irrespective of whether it will be kept hidden or displayed in the top pocket of a nice blazer, hankies are easily customised and there is lots of choice.

Alternatively, you could gift a really upmarket pocket square.

The Perfect Wedding Gifts For Page Boys

Selecting page boy gifts is usually quite easy because of their likely age.

In fact, some may be so young as to not remember the role they played.

The following suggestions might help remind them.

Novelty Money Box

These can be made of different materials, including silver and they come in all shapes and sizes.

Look for one made from a material that won’t break easily so that it will last for many years.

You might even be encouraging the recipient to start saving their first million in their novelty money box.

Personalised Drinks Bottle Or Mug

The young recipient is sure to be pleased when they see their name on their very own bottle.

A personalised present could also be sourced containing their fave cartoon or film character, their favourite vehicle or sport.

A First Edition

A little bit of research should reveal the name of a children’s author who is about to have a new book published around the time of the wedding.

If you can arrange to get it signed by the author, even better.

Although there are no guarantees, if a book is successful it can increase in value very quickly.

If kept for many years in very good condition, can be worth thousands of pounds.

The page boy, however, might be disappointed at first but another small inexpensive gift will help compensate until he is old enough to appreciate the first edition he has been given!

Which Of These Men’s Wedding Gifts Will You Choose?

Writer's Medic Bag by Galen Leather
Writer’s Medic Bag

So, as far as mens wedding gifts go, there you have it!

Some great ideas for presents that make not only great groom gifts but splendid tokens of appreciation for all the men involved in the wedding planning. Whether you’re buying something from Farjo Gold or getting them a personalised gift, it needs to come from the heart.

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Men’s Wedding Gifts: Ideas For Grooms & Best Men

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