Men, You Need To Prepare For Your Wedding Day Too!

Men, You Need To Prepare For Your Wedding Day Too!

If there is one day when you need to look and feel your best is your wedding day. They say all eyes are on the bride, but you don’t want to let her down with a poor choice of suit! Plus, there are going to be lots of photos and probably a few videos too, so you will never be able to erase a wedding day style fail from your memory. To make sure that doesn’t happen, read on to discover some top style tips for grooms.

Keep it simple

This is the golden rule. Of course, you want to look your very best, and you will. But you should never try to upstage the bride. And, as you don’t know what style of dress she is going to be wearing, going for a bold and over-the-top style of suit certainly isn’t going to go down well if your bride is a classic and elegant dress. 

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Don’t follow current trends

This leads on from the former point about choosing something that stands the test of time. If you consider yourself a bit of a fashion follower, you may want to bring your favourite current look to your wedding day. However, think about your favourite trend from a year or two ago. What do you think of it now? You probably think that it is boring, dated, or even a bit weird. 

Start shopping early

Most brides will start shopping for their perfect dress from the moment they get engaged. Most grooms seem to leave it until a week before the wedding! This is a big mistake. There is a lot more that goes into choosing a wedding suit than choosing a suit for an interview or a formal party. 

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Prioritise your shoes

While a sleek suit is a must, you can’t let down the overall look with a shabby pair of shoes. There are a few things you need to remember when choosing your shoes. Firstly, all groomsmen should have matching shoe styles and colours. This does not mean that everyone needs to wear identical shoes, but they need to fall in line with one and other. If you are wearing black shoes, make sure they are polished. 

Get your timing right

If you want to make some big changes, make sure you plan in advance, especially for big changes, such as a nose job, as you need to allow recovery time. Look at Ricci Guarnaccio’s nose job for inspiration.

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Style is in the details

When it comes to perfect wedding day style, it is all about the details. This means your tie bar/clip, watch, cufflinks, and pocket square. A black suit goes from a boring and generic piece until it is teamed with all of the details that make it one of a kind and unique to you. It achieves that classic and sleek look that you should be aiming for on your wedding day.

Get the fit right

Last but not least, this is undoubtedly the most important point of them all. It does not matter what style of suit you have gone for, if it does not fit correctly, it is not going to look good. When your suit is tailored and fits your body, you will be able to get away with almost anything.

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