How to Make Your Wedding More Memorable

Five Ways You Can Create Wedding Memories that Last
Weddings are a special day for everyone, and making your wedding memorable is a concern for anyone getting married. Whether you having a huge flash wedding, or a quiet and intimate one, there are some ideas and things here that anyone can try or incorporate into their big day. There are so many different kinds of weddings and so many different kinds of couples too, and so wedding vary so much. Some essentials don’t change, however, so make sure you include the basics when planning your wedding. Whether you have just been proposed to yesterday, or your wedding is next week, read on to find out how you can make your wedding a memorable one. Your wedding is to show your love and relationship to all your loved ones, and so will be an enjoyable day no matter what. Here are some ideas and things to consider to make your wedding an extra memorable day.

How to Make Your Wedding More Memorable

Choose a Theme

Many weddings can be simply traditional, and while this might be great for many people who like simplistic themes, there is so much potential for more! So many weddings have a white dress, an old church, but why not mix it up a bit?

Having your wedding reflect you and your partner’s personality can be a great way to make your wedding a memorable one. What kind of music are you into? What films do your enjoy? Why not have a 1950’s themed wedding, or have people dress up in a different way than usual? Your wedding can still be simplistic, romantic, without being too “out there”. There are lots of subtle themes, dresses, or decorations that could work really well at a wedding. Your wedding should reflect you both, and your relationship, so don’t be afraid to inject some fun and whimsy into your big day. Making your wedding different will make it a memorable day for everyone.

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How to Make Your Wedding More Memorable


Wedding planning can be stressful, but not having a plan, or not having a solid enough plan, can really affect your day. You want to remember your big day for the right reasons, so make sure that you plan well in advance to make your wedding less stressful.  A truly memorable day is one where you can sit back, relax, and just enjoy the occasion. Many people decide to hire a wedding planner for exactly this reason, so they can enjoy their wedding, especially if it’s big and needs a lot of preparation and management at the event itself.

Having a well planned wedding can make your wedding more stress free, and it means you can have the headspace to make fantastic memories with your loved ones. It might seems obvious but many people underestimate the time and effort put into arranging your own wedding.

Do Something Fun

Fun activities don’t have to be just for children, there are lots of fun things you can incorporate into a wedding party to keep adults entertained and merry. Why not have some wedding games, a temporary tattoo station, some cute animals, or some fire breathers? Parties are always fun, but why not include some great entertainment that will make your big stand out even more? Your wedding is a celebration of all the fun yet to come, so make sure you start the next part of your life off with a blast. There are loads of great ideas you could incorporate into a wedding party, so get racking your brains, and think about what you, your partner, and your friends and family do for fun.

How to Make Your Wedding More Memorable

Record the Occasion

Having a wedding photographer is pretty standard at most weddings, so make sure you have booked yours. It’s great to not only take pictures after the ceremony, but have them wander about during the celebrations too. During the party, there are bound to be some memories worth recording, and your photographer will no doubt capture these special moments. There are also loads of other ways to include photography. Why not hire a photo booth so your friends and family can take great pictures at their leisure throughout the evening? You could leave disposable cameras around the venue for your guests to use, and they will definitely capture some fantastic moments! Taking pictures is a great way to make sure the event is memorable, and those great memories are captured forever.

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Pick an Outstanding Location

Location is extremely important at most weddings. Where you have your wedding ceremony or party can make the occasion very memorable in your own mind, and in the minds of your guests. A church is most people first choice. While it ca be beneficial to get married at your local church, your friends and family can all get their easily for example, but looking further afield can also have great results. If you still want a traditional church wedding, why not look for a spectacularly old church full of character?

Getting hitched at a location that’s not a church will definitely make your wedding a memorable one. This could include somewhere that has meaning for you both, like where you first met, or where you used to hang out early on in your relationship. Locations in nature are also very popular too, but can be a bit more unpredictable because of the weather.  Getting married in woodlands or on a beach with dramatic cliffs in the background will make the day memorable for everyone. Location is so important when arranging your wedding, and making it a unique and enjoyable today for everyone, while making memories that will last forever.

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How to Make Your Wedding More Memorable

Make Sure Everyone is Present

If you have family and friends that can’t make it to the event, make sure they are there, by showing the ceremony online. If your wedding is in a unique location across the world, this means that family and friends back home can see the ceremony without actually being there. Likewise, if you have family and friends that live abroad then they can see the wedding and don’t have to travel all the way across the country, or the world, to see it. There is so much technology out there that can bring us closer, so make sure you utilise it. Make your wedding a truly modern one, and make sure everyone can attend, by broadcasting it online. Your day will be memorable to everyone, even if they can’t be there in the room with you, they will still have fond memories of wedding ceremony and the day you got married to your partner.

Make it Unique

Personalise your wedding with little decorations and messages that mean something to you. These little things will make your wedding stand out, and will fill the day with meaning for everyone. A wedding is already a meaningful day, so why not include places where people can leave messages wishing you the best. You can look back on these notes years later, and be reminded of all the love and best wishes that your family and friends wanted for you. Recording these thoughts and feelings, and encouraging everyone to do the same, is a great way to remember the valuable thoughts and feeling that people had on your wedding day.

There are so many ways you can make your wedding a memorable one, so try any of these with your own to make it an extra memorable occasion. Planning will make the day less stressful and will also give you more time and headspace to make them valuable memories. Make your wedding unique, and everyone will remember your big day.

How to Make Your Wedding More Memorable

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